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The Mercy Center for Community Engagement
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The Mercy Center for Community Engagement at Mount Aloysius College serves as a conduit of information and a connection between the  community and campus by providing site-related assistance to students, faculty and staff in planning and executing volunteer opportunities, service-learning projects, and social entrepreneurial activities that benefit our community and beyond.

2016-2017 service theme: “Mounties-In-Action”

The Mercy Center staff is committed to providing opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the public to use their voice to make a different in their communities.

Service-Learning at Mount Aloysius College

Service-Learning at Mount Aloysius College is a method of instruction in which students learn the content of the curriculum while actively participating in and reflecting on experiences that benefit both the community and the students.

Volunteer Interest Inventory

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Community Service Tracker Form

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What counts as service hours?

Volunteering Time: Any project or service that benefits the community and is performed on your own free will and without pay.  Examples include tutoring children, visiting with elderly, picking up trash in the community, or serving meals at a soup kitchen. Time spent in planning or preparation of the service can be counted as service hours.

Donating/Collecting food or goods: When documenting hours, count the time spent gathering the goods and transporting them to the site (not the quantity of goods collected).

Service Learning: Those who participate in a service learning course/activity are to document their hours spent in direct service with the community (i.e., working at a Retirement Home to teach financial skills), not their time spent in the classroom planning the activity.

What does not count for Service Hours?

  • Any event that is used to promote student organizations for the purpose of gaining new members.
  • Projects in which the organization receives monetary compensation for services and keeps the money for the organization.
  • Projects that are or promote ideas against federal, state or local laws.

If I am participating in service, as a representative of Mount Aloysius College (a student, faculty, or staff member), is there anything I need to know?

Any persons representing Mount Aloysius College at events or service projects must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Dress appropriately for the project you are completing.  No obscene language, drug, alcohol, pornography or violence should be on the clothing students wear.
  • Document your service by taking pictures!  The Mercy Center staff would love to see you in action! Please feel free to email pictures to 
  • Limit the time spent talking on cell phones or listening to electronic devices unless permitted by the organization in which the student is serving.
  • Use appropriate language when serving an organization. Some of the facilities in which individuals will be visiting house children and the elderly.
  • Be respectful to the supervisor of the organization in which they are serving.
  • Do not complete any task in which you feel uncomfortable


Service Approval Form

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Description of Potential Service

Once your request for approval is reviewed, you will receive an email from the Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship Center letting you know if you are approved, or if additional information is needed. If you do not receive the email within 2 business days, please send a message to

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