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Endowed Scholarships

The deadline for Endowed Scholarships was May 1, 2015.

Alumni Book Scholarship

Please complete this application to be considered for the Alumni Book Scholarship. Read and complete this application carefully, making sure to attach all requested information. You must apply for federal and state grants before consideration for scholarship eligibility will be given. Any scholarship that you receive is considered a financial aid resource, and, when combined with other financial aid resources, may affect the amounts of other financial aid resources (for example: OVR, Southern Alleghenies, etc.) All decisions from the scholarship committee are final.

The deadline for the Alumni Book Scholarship was May 1, 2015.

Mary Cypher Madden Scholarship

All information on this application is optional, however, many scholarships are only available to individuals who meet specific criteria.  Applicants must be a high school student who attended a Catholic High School. Should you leave a question(s) blank which would determine your eligibility for this scholarship, you automatically become ineligible.  You must apply for federal and state grants before consideration for scholarship eligibility will be given.


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