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The Learning Commons is the home for tutoring on campus.  Located in the Library, the Learning Commons offers professional and peer tutor staff to assist in developing your writing and study skills, as well as space to study and many available computers structured for individual or group work.  Professional tutors are also available for nursing, math and science courses.  Peer tutors are available in all courses (when possible).

Come visit the Library’s Learning Commons. Appointments are recommended but drop-in assistance is available at various times throughout the week as are walk-in sessions.

Tutor Trac Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are students just like you except that they’ve already taken the class (and done very well) for which you’re seeking help. Peer tutors are available by appointment only.

Peer tutoring is available during Fall and Spring semesters to all Mount Aloysius students. If you would like assistance, first check the list below to see if there is a tutor for your course. If you see a tutor for your class then please fill out the Request-a-Tutor form.


BL301 CR270 EN209 LW204 PS315 RAD109 RS281
AC102 BL355 CR293 EN240 LW209 PS375 RAD110 RS300
AC102 BL398 CR295 EN390 LW210 PS380 RAD111 RS306
ASL102 BL401 CR320 EN313 LW212 PS440 RAD202 RS308
ASL103 CH101 CR481 EN330 MA109 PT100 RAD203 RS312
ASL108 CH102 CS120 EN345 MA175 PT116 RAD203 RS317
ASL201 CH301 CS226 EN355 ML102 PT220 RAD205 RS318
ASL202 CH401 CS230 EN360 ML103 PY101 RAD209 RS318
ASL240 CM112

CS301 HS101 ML210 PY102 Lansing RAD211 RS330
ASL260 CM220

DMS100 HS201 MU108 PY110 RAD212 SC105
ASL310 CM2305 DMS200 HS202 NU130 PY114 RAD220 SC125
ASL340 COUN/PY505 DMS200L HS220 NU240 PY202 RAD300 SC404
BL101 CR101 DMS202 HS235 NU260 PY240 RAD303 SC405
BL102 CR102 DMS202L HS255 NU275 PY270 RS101 SO101
BL116 CR103 DMS205 HS310 NU430 PY307 RS202 SO215
BL202 CR210 DMS205L LW101 PL105 PY320 RS206
BL206 CR213 DMS401 LW102 PL201 PY380 RS207
BL210 CR260 ED213 LW105 PS101 RAD100 RS215
BL250 CR263 EE094 LW109 PS203 RAD103 RS215
BL281 CR264 EN206 LW202 PS240 RAD108 RS230

Be sure to indicate times you are NOT available on the form.

  • You will receive a confirmation email when your tutoring appointment has been scheduled
  • Contact Theresa Spanella with any question or concerns

If you excel in a particular course, we might even hire you to tutor other students who may be having difficulties! It’s a win-win situation!  Fill out the Peer Tutor Application and return it to the Learning Commons Coordinator for consideration.

Professional Tutoring

Professional tutors are available a) by appointment, b) on a drop-in basis (a tutor will be on duty in the Learning Commons on a first-come, first-served basis) or c) on a walk-in basis where the student is basically taking a chance that a tutor maybe available.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with any professional tutor by logging in to Tutortrac using your campus credentials for log-in.

Mr. Christopher Burlingame 
Writing Consultant
Office: Library
Phone Number: 814-886-6566

Ms. Karen Castagnola, M.S.N., R.N.
Professional Health Studies Tutor
Office: Pierce 207
Phone Number: 814-886-6440

Ms. Anne Volk, M.Div.
Learning Specialist
Office: Library
Phone Number: 814-886-6416

Drop in Hours

All sessions occur in the Learning Commons 1st floor of the Library (unless otherwise noted) 

Writing/Study Skills/time Management

Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm


Tuesdays 3:00-5:00pm

Health Studies/Science

Mondays 3:15-5:15

(Buhl Lab, Basement)

Applications/Forms/Resources Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is a method of collaborative learning support where a student who has completed the class will attend your class, take notes, read homework assignments and then hold regular review sessions designed to help you become a better student.

SI Planning Sheet

SI Leader Time Sheet

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