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Metz Culinary Management is the contracted food service provider for Mount Aloysius College. Metz operates two dining facilities on campus; both are located in the Cosgrave Student Center. Cosgrave Dining Hall offers all you care to eat dining and the MAC Shack is our campus snack bar with alternative meal options, organic coffee, tea, and quick lunch or dinner fare.

Metz Culinary Management offers a program dedicated to delivering variety. Accommodations will be made for students with restricted diets, sick students, and students who will miss a meal due to a conflict with a class, work, or clinical schedules or any other special College event.

Meal Options


Residents residing on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. Several plan options are available to fit students’ lifestyle/academic schedule.

  • 17 Meal Plan – This plan includes 17 meals per week, $125 flex dollars, and 2 guest meals. $2,470/semester
  • 17 Meal Plan Plus- This plan includes 17 meals per week, $175 flex dollars, and 2 guest meals. $2,520/semester
  • 12 Meal Plan – This plan includes 12 meals per week, $185 flex dollars, and 4 guest meals. $2,250/semester
  • 12 Meal Plan Plus- This plan includes 12 meals per week, $235 flex dollars, and 4 guest meals. $2,300/semester
  • 8 Meal Plan for students on clinicals/student teaching – This plan includes 8 meals per week, $150 flex dollars and 3 guest meals. $1,470/semester
  • 8 Meal Plan Plus for students on clinicals/student teaching – This plan includes 8 meals per week, $200 flex dollars, and 3 guest meals. $1,520/semester
    • Please note that a written request and a copy of the student’s schedule, e-mailed to residencelife@mtaloy.edu , is required to be considered for this plan. Outside work commitments are not accepted as a rationale for this plan.


  • Cash, Credit card or flex dollars added to your ID card are accepted in the Cosgrave Dining Hall or the MAC Shack.
How Do the Meal Plans Work?

Your MAC ID card serves as your meal plan card. You can use the card at either the Cosgrave Dining Hall or the MAC Shack, in the Cosgrave Student Center. Only you are authorized to access your meal plan. You should never give your card to another person. Your ID card must always be presented at the time of service.

With 17 or 12 meals per week, plus your Flex Dollars, you are able to swipe for one meal per meal time in the dining hall but can also utilize your Flex Dollars in the MAC Shack for additional meals or snacks during the week. With the 17 meal plan the combination of meals and Flex Dollars is designed to allow you to eat three meals a day but have some choice about where you eat. The 12 meal plan combination of meals and Flex Dollars offers a reduced number of meals for students who may be working on weekends or are regularly going off campus to visit home or friends and who do not need or want a larger plan.

Flex Dollars

Each meal plan comes with flex dollars that can be used to purchase a meal in the dining hall or at the MAC Shack for meals or snacks. Flex dollars that are included in a meal plan do not roll over and must be used by the end of the semester.

Students can add additional flex dollars to their ID card at the Controller’s Office in the Main Building. Any additional flex dollars added to a student’s ID will roll over from the fall to the spring semester, but not from the spring semester to the next fall semester.

Guest Meals

Each meal plan comes with a designated number of guest meals. Students are able to treat family or friends to a meal when they visit. If a student has used their guest meals, they can utilize their flex dollars to pay for a visiting family member or friend.


I am a resident student. Which meal plan should I choose?
Look at your class schedule and off campus commitments. How many times per week will you be eating in the dining hall? If you plan to stay on campus most of the time, the 17 meal plan might be your best choice. If you plan to go home on weekends and eat some of your meals at the MAC Shack, you may want to choose the 12 meal plan. If you have clinicals or student teaching on your schedule and are interested in being considered for the 8 meal plan, e-mail your request and a copy of your schedule to residencelife@mtaloy.edu.

Can I change my meal plan second semester if my class schedule and needs change?
Yes! You will automatically be set up to remain on the same meal plan from fall to spring, but if your schedule or needs change, just e-mail residencelife@mtaloy.edu prior to the start of the semester to request the change. Meal plans cannot be changed during the semester.

Will I run out of meals?
You shouldn’t. The dining hall serves 19 meals per week. The system will allow you to swipe your ID card only one time per meal, unless you are using a guest meal in the dining hall. You will, however, need to manage your flex dollars so that you have money for meals and don’t spend them too quickly on extras like additional snacks, soda, candy, etc. The basic meal plan (12 or 17) provides the bulk of your meals each week. We have found that students regularly miss meals for a variety of reasons and also desire flexibility so they can pick something up in the MAC Shack outside of regular meal hours.

What if I lose my ID?
Contact Campus Safety in their office in St. Gertrude Hall, Room 21 or call them at 814-886-6327 to report your card as lost or stolen. There may be a fee involved for replacing a lost or damaged card.

What if I have special dietary needs?
No problem. Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate most dietary requirements. For more information, contact the Residence Life Office in Cosgrave 112 or e-mail residencelife@mtaloy.edu.

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