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The American Sign Language/English Interpreting program at Mount Aloysius College is aimed at exploring the challenges and rewards of being able to communicate within two different cultures and languages.

The College offers small classes, an active student-run club, and the uniqueness of the major translates into a cadre of students who work closely with one another and develop strong supportive relationships. While learning about the culture of deaf people, students in this major are dedicated to social justice issues while delighting in their abilities to interact with deaf individuals and participate in various deaf events.

When students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in ASL/English Interpreting, they are prepared to find challenging careers working as interpreters in educational, medical, business, religious, and a variety of other settings.

Meet the American Sign Language / English Interpreting Department!

Kierstin Muroski
Assistant Professor of American Sign Language and English Interpreting/Coordinator American Sign Language

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