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Students wanting to advance their lives and careers are ready to embrace the challenges of the Mount Aloysius College program in Applied Technology. This exciting program broadens the students’ world view and deepens their ability to apply vocational skills across a wider spectrum of employment opportunities.

Applied Technology students advance seamlessly from a vocational-technical diploma program to the associate degree and, should they choose, even to the Bachelor’s degree. Applied Technology is a 60-credit curriculum that builds upon post-secondary vocational –technical education.

MAC’s Applied Technology program advances graduates to a level of sophistication enabling the pursuit of more responsible employment opportunities.

Graduates of the Applied Technology program will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in their specified vocational field
  2. Effectively employ written and oral communication skills to convey knowledge and
  3. opinions
  4. Develop critical thinking
  5. Apply increased quantitative and technical ability
  6. Appreciate diverse values and cultures
  7. Broaden awareness of moral and theological components of contemporary culture
  8. Build a foundation for further study and enhance employment opportunities.

Meet Our Department!

Curt Chernicky
Database Systems Analyst
Wesley King
Nursing IT Support Specialist / Simulation Technology Specialist
Ruth Olszewski
Database System Analyst
Michael Schenk
Network Operations Manager
Clint Scott
IT Support Specialist
Richard Shea
Director of Information Technology
Douglas Gawel
Network Administrator
Andrew Wantiez
Helpdesk Technician
Jared T. Snowberger
Help Technician

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