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A major in Criminology offers a solid foundation in law enforcement, corrections and our justice system. Mount Aloysius Criminology faculty bring first-hand experience to students in all of these areas. Criminology students can also choose to add several different certificates or concentrations in specialty areas and even choose to complete an internship for credit.

Degree Details

Offered as: Associate, Bachelor, Minor

Optional Concentrations
  • Forensic Accounting in Criminal Investigations Concentration
  • Digital Forensics Investigation Concentration
  • Correctional Administration
  • Criminal Justice Addictions Certification
  • Forensic Investigation Certification

Minor in Criminology

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Students who graduate with a degree in Criminology work in a variety of settings. Mount Aloysius grads go on to become police officers, probation officers, juvenile counselors, correctional officers in state, local and federal prisons and also serve in a variety of municipal, county and state offices. Some grads opt to attend law school or graduate study.

Employment opportunities are expected to increase by 4% over the next ten years and in 2014 the median salary for someone with a bachelor’s of science in Criminology was $55,000.

Program Options

  • Available internships in variety of settings including our local prisons. Upon completion students are certified as a correctional officer.
  • Concentration in Forensic Accounting in Criminal Investigations – This focus is a common pre-requisite for assignment in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Certificate in Forensic Investigation – enabling grads to investigate crime scenes
  • Certificate in Criminal Justice Addictions Professional – course satisfies the academic component of state certification
  • Certificate in Correctional Administration

Criminology at Mount Aloysius College prepares students for work in a variety of settings within the criminal justice system. In addition, students will receive a solid foundation in liberal arts, focusing on honing their ability to communicate professionally.

New Concentration: Digital Forensic Investigation
Crash Investigation Training Courses for Law Enforcement
The Center for Law Enforcement Education, in partnership with Mount Aloysius College, welcomes the opportunity of providing a series of crash investigation training courses that can be conducted locally or at a host site at any location.

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Student Success Profile

"The Criminology program at Mount Aloysius College is a very well-developed program. It is interactive and has professors that have experienced first-hand what they are teaching. Because of this good stories come with each of the classes, which is a unique part of the program. Hands on scenarios also help enhance the classes and learning process, which I like a lot. Professors help you really think as if you were in the field and help you to understand what you will encounter in the real world. The classes are all really different and all offer something for everyone." Pam Young, Criminology Major

Meet Our Department!

Photo of Julie Smith
Julie Smith
Chairperson of Justice, Law, and Society Department, Professor of History/Political Science, Coordinator for Secondary Education
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Joseph Bobak
Assistant Professor of Criminology
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Elizabeth Mansley
Assistant Professor of Criminology
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Matthew Arsenault
Assistant Professor of Political Science
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David Andrews
Full-time In-House Counsel in the Office of General Counsel

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