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Why Study Early Childhood Education at Mount Aloysius College?

Children ask lots of questions about a wide variety of topics. At Mount Aloysius College, we understand children (and teachers too). We know you will need a broad knowledge base in order to answer a child’s endless questions and to create instructive and engaging activities for young, developing minds.

At Mount Aloysius College, our Early Childhood Education Program offers balance. You will be exposed to both general education courses and classes that provide student teachers with skills and information needed for this rewarding and vital profession.

What do Early Childhood Education graduates do?

The saying that ‘children are the future’ holds true. As an early childhood educator, you’ll have the ability to shape the future by teaching children the fundamentals on which their entire educational career is built.

Possible Careers

Graduates from this program go on to touch thousands of lives, here are some examples of where they teach:

  • Tutor
  • Classroom teaching positions in the tri-state area (Virginia, Maryland, PA)
  • Employment at alternative classrooms
  • Head Start and Pre-K
  • Support Services e.g., Pathways to Independence

Are there job openings? How much will I make?

The demand for Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers is expected to rise 6% from 2014 to 2024, an increase of 87,800 jobs.*

The average median wage for a kindergarten teacher excluding special education) in the state of Pennsylvania is $52,790.  The average median wage for an elementary school teacher (excluding special education) in the state of Pennsylvania is $61,730.*

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Who will teach me?

The Education department is comprised of full-time faculty who hold doctorate degrees in their disciplines. Bringing their varied educational backgrounds into the classroom, students are provided with extensive knowledge of the early childhood education field.

Meet Our Department!

Photo of Marilyn Roseman
Marilyn Roseman
Professor of Early Childhood Education/ Department Chairperson, Education and Sign Language
Photo of Sara Rutledge
Sara Rutledge
Professor of Education
Photo of Devorah  Trembach-Bozella
Devorah Trembach-Bozella
Associate Professor of Education
Photo of Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher
Fieldwork Coordinator

Aerial Photo of the Mount Aloysius College Campus