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Strong communication skills are basic for success in most careers. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English are on a path with plenty of options.

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Offered as: Bachelor

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  • Theatre

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At Mount Aloysius College, English is one of the “double major” options for Education students and others. There is also a Theatre concentration within the English major at MAC.

Significant numbers of English graduates go on to pursue Master’s and Doctorate degrees advancing toward a teaching career in higher education. Others English grads pursue a legal career, entering law school. Surprising, increasing numbers of English majors across the nation add science studies to their course-work and even enter medical school.

A recent Wall Street Journal surveys of Fortune 500 CEO’s revealed that many English majors experience extraordinary success in the today’s business.

Student Success Profile

"The English program at Mount Aloysius is large enough that students can take specialty courses, such as Multicultural Literature or Fantasy Literature; however, it’s small enough that the teachers and advisors get to know each and every student by name. The advisors come to know the students’ majors and career goals, and they genuinely care about assisting and encouraging each student in reaching his or her ambition. The campus newspaper, the Belltower, is also a significant part of the English program, allowing students to get involved on campus and incorporate writing!" Kaitlyn Kuzio

Meet the English Department!

Thomas Coakley
Professor of English
Barbara Cook
Associate Professor of English/ Chairperson English and Fine Arts
Jessica Jost-Costanzo
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Nathan Magee
Theatre Director/Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Glenn Neff
Assistant Professor of English
Margaret Steinbeiser
Associate Professor of English
Donald Talbot
Associate Professor of English and Fine Arts
Nancy Way
Assistant Professor of Music/ Vox Nova Director