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Offered as: Bachelor

Optional Concentrations
  • English Concentration in Early Level Pre K-4 Education
  • Secondary English Education Certification
  • Theatre Concentration

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Program Information

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English is designed to give students an excellent  background in the arts and sciences while helping them become sophisticated “producers” and “consumers” of texts, both written and spoken.  In other words, the English major promotes the ability to bring critical thinking skills to bear in speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

Admission to the English program is contingent upon either satisfactory performance on an essay examination administered by the faculty of the English Department or the achievement of a grade of B+ or better in Rhetoric I.



  • Emphasis on communication and critical thinking skills at the bachelor’s level
  • Strong preparation for graduate programs
  • Opportunities for
    • Field experiences
    • English and Theatre scholarships
    • Study abroad
    • Service Learning


Career Opportunities

Employers in all fields are looking for college graduates who can write and speak clearly, who know how to solve problems, who learn quickly, and who work well with others.

A business, education, health, or other associate degree with a bachelor of arts degree in English is an excellent starting point for careers in:

  • Law
  • Arts Administration
  • Business
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations

An English degree provides a strong foundation for graduate school, including law schools and the MBA.




MAC students interested in the visual arts can minor in art by taking a variety of innovative art offerings. Perennial student favorites include Ceramics, Body Adornment, Fabrications: Artistic Expressions in Cloth and Fiber, and Drawing as Revelation. Class projects foster creative, personal growth and technical skills. For example, Body Adornment students enjoy designing narrative tattoos and creating mehndi designs for personal celebrations. Expressive Arts for Healing I and II introduce course participants to the multi-modal approaches used in expressive therapy: drawing, movement, sound, expressive writing, drama/play, masking and poetry therapies.

Student artwork and that of regional artists is on display throughout the year in the college’s two gallery spaces, the Wolf-Kuhn Gallery in the Main Building and the Wellness Gallery in the Athletic, Convocation, and Wellness Center.

Vox Nova Choir

Visit the Vox Nova page for more information.


Visit the Theatre page for more information.

Student Success Profile

"The English program at Mount Aloysius is large enough that students can take specialty courses, such as Multicultural Literature or Fantasy Literature; however, it’s small enough that the teachers and advisors get to know each and every student by name. The advisors come to know the students’ majors and career goals, and they genuinely care about assisting and encouraging each student in reaching his or her ambition. The campus newspaper, the Belltower, is also a significant part of the English program, allowing students to get involved on campus and incorporate writing!" Kaitlyn Kuzio

Meet the English Department!

Thomas Coakley
Professor of English
Barbara Cook
Professor of English/ Chairperson English and Fine Arts
Jessica Jost-Costanzo
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Nathan Magee
Theatre Director/Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Glenn Neff
Assistant Professor of English
Donald Talbot
Associate Professor of English and Fine Arts
Nancy Way
Assistant Professor of Music/ Vox Nova Director

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