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Science develops in a multidimensional sphere of research and discovery. Advances in one branch of science – astronomy, oceanography or biology – will directly affect the entire universe of “what is known” in chemistry, physics and possibly even theology.

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Your choice of a degree in General Science opens many doors. A General Science major prepares scientifically curious students to follow a number of career paths. Ideally suited to match MAC’s Elementary Education curriculum, General Science studies also enable students to develop a well-honed, critical world-view. In conjunction with a liberal arts core curriculum, General Science grads gain a well-rounded appreciation for the “grand synthesis” of intellectual pursuit – the integration and cohesiveness of broad areas of thought.

The major will also develop their ability to communicate verbally and in writing what they’ve learned and what they believe. Further, General Science studies will bring students to an appreciation of the Scientific Method of inquiry and to distinguish between scientific law, theory and hypothesis.

General Science studies foster the overall rounding of a person, and encourage a high level of sophistication when evaluating scientific information. Graduates of this exciting program will be well-positioned to make informed decisions in areas of their personal and professional lives requiring deeper appreciation of the sciences. Their work in this exciting degree area will encourage in-depth evaluation of scientific elements of issues and controversies of a rapidly developing world.

The program offers preparation for future graduate work and/or entry level into the public or private sectors requiring a scientific focus. Additionally, this program is offered in conjunction with the College’s Elementary Education major will prepare students with a solid grounding in the sciences to become more knowledgeable and effective providers of instruction.

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Merrilee Anderson
Professor of Science and Mathematics/
Associate Academic Dean and Chairperson for Health Studies
Juan Diaz, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
J. Michael Engle
Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics
Timothy Koneval
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
Laura Michaels
Visiting Instructor of Science and Mathematics
Sandra Nypaver
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Penny O’Connor
Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics
John Whitlock
Assistant Professor in the Science & Math Department
AnaLu MacVean
Professor of Science and Mathematics/Lab Manager
Crystal Goldyn
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics

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