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Students in this major complete the core requirements and have three options.

  • The student may design a curriculum to focus on preparation for a particular occupation or entrance into the baccalaureate program.
  • The student may design a program that develops the skills in math, science, and technology.
  • Lastly, the student can focus on behavioral or social sciences.

All students in this program must complete, if required, the Educational Enrichment courses successfully.

Track 1: Student Designed

Students enrolling in the “Student-Designed” curriculum have the opportunity to design their curriculum with the help of a faculty advisor in preparation for an occupation or the eventual goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Students must complete the Educational Enrichment courses successfully.

Track 2: Math, Science and Technology

Students enrolling in the “Science, Math, Technology” curriculum have the opportunity to develop their skills through a variety of natural science, math, and computer science courses. Usually their goal is success in a career path were quantitative analysis and science are useful. Students desiring a Bachelor’s degree may pursue the Professional Studies: Science, Math, and Technology Track.

Track 3: Behavioral/Social Science

The “Behavioral/Social Science” curriculum allow students to build their General Studies degree around a core of courses with the goal of completing a bachelor’s degree through the Professional Studies: Social and Behavioral Science Track.

For further information and approval of course of study, students should confer with an advisor.

Meet the General Studies Department!

Kristi Bowers
Assistant Professor, Chairperson Educational Enrichment Program/ General Studies and Liberal Arts

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