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Offered as: Bachelor

Optional Specializations
  • Social Studies Secondary Education Specialization

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The Mount Aloysius College History – Political Science degree is unique. Mount Aloysius students are introduced to both areas of study, progressing to upper division work rather than narrowly focusing on only one.

This wider exploration allows students to develop a deeper understanding of current events and a fuller appreciation of the political context of historical events. Mount Aloysius’ accessible faculty provide a solid foundation for students in lower division classes, fostering fuller development as students progress to their upper division work.

Mount Aloysius graduates continue their success finding jobs in teaching, industry and education. According to Payscale, the average income of someone with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science was $61,000 in 2014.

Student Success Profile

"What I love about Mount Aloysius College is that you really get to know your professors. Professors are very open and will help you if you have any questions. The History/Political Science professors especially help make sure you understand the material that you are learning. I also like my program because professors connect what you are learning to current world events." Daniel Davis

Meet Our Department!

Julie Smith
Chairperson of Justice, Law, and Society Department, Professor of History/Political Science, Coordinator for Secondary Education
Joseph Bobak
Assistant Professor of Criminology
Elizabeth Mansley
Assistant Professor of Criminology
Matthew Arsenault
Assistant Professor of Political Science

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