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Legal Assistants are trained professionals who play an integral part in providing services to law offices, private businesses, government agencies and the community. Working under the supervision of an attorney, these professionals work in all areas of law practice – civil law, corporate, estate administration, real estate law, domestic relations and administrative law. Performing a variety of tasks, legal assistants document pleading preparation, conduct legal research and writing, interview witnesses, investigate and prepare for trial.

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MAC’s Legal Assistant Program integrates law with practical skill needed to get the job and do the work of a valued legal assistant. Students are take courses from the humanities, arts, and sciences; providing a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

Read our top 10 goals for MAC grads in this field and make your decision.

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the federal and state judicial systems;
  2. Conduct legal research and use that knowledge professionally;
  3. Organize and use what you know to produce common legal documents;
  4. Understand the ethical obligations of both legal assistants and attorneys;
  5. Maximize your writing skills;
  6. Acquire and enhance analytical and problem solving skills;
  7. Speak effectively;
  8. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of law including torts, contracts, civil law, criminal law, family law, real estate law, probate and business;
  9. Pursue employment in law or move on to a bachelor’s degree;
  10. Value your liberal arts education, grounded in the arts, sciences and humanities.

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Julie Smith
Associate Professor of History/Department Chair, History, Political Science and Secondary Education
Joseph Bobak
Assistant Professor of Criminology
Elizabeth Mansley
Assistant Professor of Criminology
Melanie Pallone
Assistant Professor of Criminology
Matthew Arsenault
Assistant Professor of Political Science

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