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Offered as: Associate

Optional Specializations
  • A.A. Humanities and Social Science Specialization
  • A.S. Health Studies and Science Specialization

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The Liberal Arts curriculum begins with a broad core of instruction in the humanities, behavioral/social sciences and natural sciences.

The courses give you a broad academic experience and flexibility in designing your personalized degree programs. Read MAC’s goals for Liberal Arts grads then you decide.

  1. Speak and write effectively;
  2. Understand yourself and those around you;
  3. Think clearly and solve problems creatively;
  4. Understand and appreciate the diverse nature of your world;
  5. Integrate personal belief and culture as you work toward ethical decisions;
  6. Learn and use more software;
  7. Expand your world; and
  8. Create a platform for learning.

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Professor of English and Fine Arts

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