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The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Studies balances a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences with emphasis in one or more fields of knowledge. The program provides the continuous learning and freedom of inquiry deemed necessary for personal growth and achievement in public and private employment sectors.

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Students who graduate in the Professional Studies Program will demonstrate:

  1. Communications competency through speech and writing;
  2. Information literacy and ability to access information at both ancient and modern libraries, online, through various agencies and organizations, through conversation and communication;
  3. Awareness of how moral and ethical perspectives impact critical thinking and knowledge acquisition;
  4. Ability to use technology effectively to enhance their education;
  5. Ability to research and establish a knowledge base in one of the following areas of study:
  • Behavioral Sciences. Students in Behavioral Sciences will be professionally prepared to operate in a social service agency setting.
  • Education (Non-Certificate). Students in Education (Non-Certificate) will have an understanding of early childhood and agencies such as Head Start with no recommendation for teaching certificate.
  • Health Studies. Students in Health Studies will be prepared for future professional study in a health care field through a study of sciences, developmental theory and professional healthcare.
  • Humanities. Students in Humanities will be prepared for employment in fields that insist upon creative, critical thinking and strong communication skills; or for graduate studies in Humanities-related fields such as religious
    studies, library science, history, writing, education, philosophy, theology, and others.
  • Math, Science, and Technology. Students in Math, Science, and Technology will have the ability to articulate the discoveries and principles from major areas of the sciences and to express an appreciation for the interrelatedness of the scientific disciplines.
  • Pre-Law
  • Ultrasonography

Student Success Profile

“The professional degree prepares students to eventually obtain a professional degree at a graduate institution. The undergraduate courses provide students with a variety of classes putting an emphasis on the sciences and behavioral sciences. My experiences within this major have laid the foundation on my path to becoming a physical therapist. Along the way I have had the pleasure of learning from some great professors who take a genuine interest in my success. My advisor has also been a tremendous help providing guidance and information to keep me on track towards my professional aspirations.” Nathan Lindsley

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