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Summer Scripture Institute

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Thomas Merton Retreat & Seminar

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Mission Statement

The mission of Mount Aloysius College is to respond to individual and community needs with quality programs of education in the tradition of the Religious Sisters of Mercy. Each student is provided the opportunity to acquire knowledge and to develop values, attitudes, and competencies necessary for life-long learning within an environment that reflects a liberal arts orientation and a Catholic, Judeo-Christian heritage.

Below, learn more about our Mission Statement through brief explanations of its components:

Commentary on Mission Statement

“Mount Aloysius College”

The history of the College is rooted in the Religious Sisters of Mercy, founded by Catherine McAuley in Dublin, Ireland, in 1831. St. Aloysius Academy was built in 1853 and, in 1897, was moved to its present site. The Junior College was founded in 1939 and later amended its charter to include both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

“respond to individual and community needs”

Mount Aloysius College welcomes women and men of all creeds, races, nationalities and ages. The dignity of each student requires attention to particular needs. Likewise, the importance of community to each individual requires attention to the common good.

“quality programs of education”

In preparation for future professions, students will develop the ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge from various disciplines and a major area of study.

“the opportunity to acquire knowledge”

Academic advising, contact with faculty and staff, counseling, and educational enrichment courses are resources provided to students to enable them to reach their fullest potentials.

“to develop values, attitudes, and competencies”

Mount Aloysius College emphasizes the values of justice, hospitality, mercy, and service in all its activities. Students learn to synthesize faith with learning, to put talents and gifts at the service of others, and to begin to assume leadership in the world community.

“necessary for life-long learning”

The College is firm in its commitment to creating an environment for living and learning in the hope of supporting the lifelong intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development of every Mount Aloysius student.

“an environment which reflects a liberal arts orientation”

The College’s liberal arts core curriculum provides the necessary basis for leadership and the knowledge and skills for success in a wide range of professions. Mount Aloysius considers academic, spiritual, cultural, social, and personal growth as essential elements in the development of the student.

“Catholic, Judeo-Christian heritage”

Both the Catholic, Judeo-Christian tradition and the story of the Sisters of Mercy reflect a belief that human persons rely on one another for life and well-being. Through course work, religious activities, and service, all students are challenged to grow in faith as well as intellect.

Core Values

Our college’s four core values are:

  • Mercy:
    • a willingness to enter the chaos of another’s experience in order to ease their pain, to bring one’s heart to their pain
  • Justice:
    • right relationships among all created beings so that all move steadily toward fullness of life
  • Hospitality:
    • an openness of heart and mind which allows one to be at home with oneself and others
  • Service:
    • generosity in sharing one’s talent and time to help address the need of individuals and communities

Through classwork, extracurricular activities, special presentations, and more, the Mount Aloysius College community lives out these values every day. They are not just our guiding principles, they are our way of life.


    • Seeks to synthesize faith with learning and to develop competence with compassion
    • Respects an ecumenical learning environment that encourages the search for truth through discovery, discourse, critical thinking, and communication
    • Challenges all to think more deeply about the world, one’s purpose and responsibility towards the world, and one’s identity in an atmosphere that values the dignity and worth of all people
    • Emphasizes social responsibility, through systemic change inspired by the works of Mercy, to further justice and peace in our world
      Seeks to integrate faith with life through communal worship, sacraments, and spirituality

Catholic Tradition

IMG_1934The history of the College is rooted in the life of the Religious Sisters of Mercy who founded and sponsor Mount Aloysius. Catherine McAuley founded the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland, in 1831 as a congregation devoted to service. It was one of the first active congregations of women religious in Ireland.

Today, Sisters of Mercy serve in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia continuing their original charism of service to the needy through advocacy and direct service in health care, educational and social service agencies and institutions. The spirit of the congregation, dedicated to honoring the mercy of God, is one of enterprising response to need, coupled with compassion and hospitality, a spirit, which is a goal of the Mount Aloysius family.

Mount Aloysius College traces its Mercy heritage to the small community of sisters who were sent to Pittsburgh in 1843. From Pittsburgh, they established a community in Chicago in 1845 and by 1848 they settled in nearby Loretto. On St. Mary’s Street in Loretto, the Sisters built a school in a tinner’s shop, which was to be the forerunner of St. Aloysius Academy. The Academy, built in 1853, was moved to its present site in 1897. In 1939 Mount Aloysius Junior College was founded through the initiative of Sister M. de Sales Farley, R.S.M. In 1991, Mount Aloysius amended its charter and scope of programs to include bachelor degrees. In the Spring of 2000, the College’s charter was again amended to include master’s degrees. In 2006, Mount Aloysius College is a vibrant leader in higher education.

Walking Tours

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Main Building Historical Usage and Artifacts

Take a walk through our Main Administration building and learn about its fascinating heritage. Explore different notable locations, paintings, and artifacts which link our present with our past. To print this booklet, click  here

Main Building Stained Glass Windows

Spend some time viewing the multiple stunning stained glass windows in the Main Administration Building. Develop a better understanding of their meaning and their history. For this booklet, click here.

Grounds and Buildings

Walk around our full campus, stopping at important buildings and features. Learn about the architecture, chronology, and other historical facts about the Mount Aloysius College heritage. To access this booklet, click here.

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