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Featured Staff Member: Paula Scaramozzino

R.T., Mercy Hospital School of Radiology
B.S., University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
M.B.A., Saint Francis University
Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

Chair of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, has been faculty at Mount Aloysius since 1998 and has an Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. She has worked in the imaging field since 1983 and is certified in radiography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Dr. Scaramozzino is an active member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and the Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists. Students in the radiography program participate in research projects pertaining to real world issues pertaining to the medical imaging field. Their research is presented at the Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists yearly conference and at the Reasearch Symposium held at Mount Aloysius College.

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Financial Aid

Enrollment Management


English / Fine Arts

Science & Mathematics

Medical Imaging/Radiography

  • Jeanine Farabaugh Secretary - Health Studies
  • Felicia Holliday Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Amber Lenhard Instructor in the Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Sharon Miller Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Helen Ritchey Clinical Instructor, Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Paula Scaramozzino Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences/Chairperson Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences Program
  • Brittany Smithmyer Assistant Clinical Coordinator/Clinical Instructor Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Andrea Gutmann Program Director/ Instructor, Ultrasonography Program




Academic & Learning Support

  • Kristi Bowers Assistant Professor, Chairperson Educational Enrichment Program/ General Studies and Liberal Arts
  • Ryan Costanzo Associate Professor, Educational Enrichment Program
  • Patricia McNelis Assistant Professor, Educational Enrichment Program


General Studies

  • Kristi Bowers Assistant Professor, Chairperson Educational Enrichment Program/ General Studies and Liberal Arts

Information Technology Services

Institutional Advancement


Communications Department

Campus Ministry

Religious Studies

  • Anthony Dragani Associate Professor of Religious Studies
  • Francis Rohlf Assistant Professor of Religious Studies/Coordinator Religious Studies

Health Services

  • Shannon Grove Director of Student Health Services
  • Michele Leamer Medical Secretary in the Health, Counseling and Disabilities Department

Counseling & Disability Services

Health Studies & Sciences & Math

President's Office

Mission Integration

Academic Affairs

Maintenance Department/Physical Plant

Human Resources


Student Activities

Student Affairs

Medical Laboratory Technician

  • Kathy Hoyne Clinical Coordinator Health Studies Division/ Coordinator, Medical Laboratory Technician Program

Business/Information Technology

  • Christopher Mingyar Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Jeffrey Sunseri Instructor of Business/Information Technology
  • Karen Watt Assistant Professor of Information Technology/ Coordinator, Information Technology Program
  • Kimberly Asonevich Assistant Professor of Business Administration/ Chairperson Business and Information Technology
  • Cathleen Golden Assistant Professor of Business & Information Technology
  • Brittany Anderson Professor of Business & Information Technology/Accounting

Residence Life

Medical Assistant

  • Cheryl Kowalczyk Assistant Professor/ Clinical Coordinator/ Department Chairperson, Medical Assistant


Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Penelope Lescher Associate Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant/ Program Director/ Chairperson Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Robert Rabatin Instructor of Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Emily Houseknecht Assistant Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant

Foodservice - Metz Culinary Management

Support Center

Surgical Technology

Career Development

Day Care-Little Peoples Place

  • Lisa Segada Director, Ann Harris Smith Little People's Place

Freshmen Admissions

Transfer and Returning Adult Freshmen Admissions

Graduate and Continuing Education

Enrollment Management Administration

  • Frank Crouse Vice President for Enrollment Management/ Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions
  • Connie Klinehans Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management/Coordinator of the Enrollment Processing Center

Administrative Services

Justice, Law and Society Department

Student Success & Advising

Alumni Relations


Faculty Secretaries

Learning Commons


  • Nancy Way Assistant Professor of Music/ Vox Nova Director

Secondary Education

  • Devorah Bozella Assistant Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • Marilyn Roseman Professor of Early Childhood Education/ Department Chairperson, Education and Sign Language
  • Julie Smith Associate Professor of History/Department Chair, History, Political Science and Secondary Education

Sign Language/English Interpreting Department

  • Kierstin Muroski Assistant Professor of American Sign Language and English Interpreting/Coordinator American Sign Language


Social Science

  • Virginia Gonsman Professor of Psychology
    Department Chair, Psychology & Religious Studies
  • David Haschak Associate Academic Dean and Chairperson of Humanities, Social Science and Professional Studies Division/ Coordinator Community Counseling Graduate Program
  • Laura Lansing Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Antoinette Woods Assistant Professor of Community Counseling
  • Mary Shuttlesworth Assistant Professor of Psychology

Theatre Department

  • Nathan Magee Theatre Director/Assistant Professor of Fine Arts

Military Affairs

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