In affiliation with UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, and UPMC Somerset, we are thrilled to offer an unprecedented opportunity for future nursing heroes:

Up to $69,000 for Nursing Students plus Guaranteed Employment at UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, or UPMC Somerset!

Here is how it works:


A $24,000 Mount Aloysius Future Heroes Scholarship

Mount Aloysius is introducing a $24,000 scholarship to all incoming nursing students from Pennsylvania starting in Fall 2021. The scholarship applies to the associate RN degree program or the final two years of the BSN program, providing an opportunity to earn a degree from our premier program with tremendous affordability. This is our part in increasing Future Heroes in our community.

It gets better:

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Apply for $15,000 Tuition Loan Funding from UPMC along with a Post-Graduation Job Offer from UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, or UPMC Somerset

In addition to the MAC scholarship, nursing students accepted into the UPMC Nursing Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program are eligible for up to $15,000 in a forgivable loan from UPMC while attending Mount Aloysius. After completing their first semester of nursing courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher, program participants are eligible for funding from UPMC’s Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program along with an employment guarantee from UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, or UPMC Somerset upon graduation. After three years of employment as a nurse, the $15,000 loan is forgiven: you do not pay it back!

Additional benefits include mentorship opportunities with clinical nurses at UPMC, priority placement for UPMC’s paid Student Nurse Internship program, and immediate consideration for paid, part-time work as a nursing assistant while in school.

And better:


Up to $30,000 of Additional Hiring Incentives Available from UPMC

In addition to the UPMC Nursing Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program described above, upon hiring, Mount Aloysius nursing graduates are also eligible for other hiring incentives from UPMC. Other hiring incentives are subject to change from time to time, but currently, UPMC is offering sign-on bonuses of up to $15,000* and an additional $15,000 of tuition reimbursement (prorated over three years) on top of the $15,000 of educational funding provided while a student at Mount Aloysius College.

*Dependent on the unit you choose to work in

This is an incredible opportunity to get a nursing degree and a guaranteed job at little or no net cost!
Space is limited, so get started now!


Starting Fall 2021, the FHS will be awarded to new MAC, in-state students as follows:

  • Full-time students enrolled in the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN), including up to one (1) semester of ASN Pre-Nursing
  • Full-time students enrolled in the professional phase of the Pre-Licensure Bachelors of Science (BSN) Program (typically the student’s last 4 semesters). Students in the pre-nursing part of the BSN program will remain eligible for other aid sources.

The FHS scholarship, which totals $6,000 per semester, is in lieu of other sources of institutional aid. Total aid cannot exceed the student’s cost of attendance.

The UPMC NTLFP is available to new MAC, in-state students as follows:

  • Students committed to full-time enrollment in the MAC Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Program
  • Students committed to full-time enrollment in the MAC Pre-Licensure Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

The UPMC NTLFP will be available to first-time college students who have a high school GPA of 3.2 or higher. Students transferring from another institution of higher education with a GPA of 3.00 will also be eligible. UPMC may consider other factors such as current or past employment history with UPMC in determining eligibility.

UPMC reserves the right to limit the overall number of students accepted into the NTLFP. There are currently 75 spots available annually.

While spots are limited, UPMC will accept eligible students into the NTLFP before the student enrolls with MAC. This will allow the student to factor the potential loan funding into their decision to enroll in the nursing program.

The UPMC NTLFP provides loan funding with interest attached and will be fully forgiven once the student graduates, obtains a Pennsylvania Nursing license, and completes a three-year work commitment at either UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, or UPMC Somerset in compliance with the terms and conditions in the UPMC NTLFP agreement which will be signed before a student enrolls at MAC.

UPMC will provide MAC with the tuition loan funds on the student’s behalf in three consecutive semester payments or until the student graduates from the MAC Nursing Program, whichever occurs earlier. The tuition loan funding will commence the semester following successful completion of the student’s first semester of Nursing courses so long as the student’s cumulative, overall GPA with Mount Aloysius is 2.50 or greater. UPMC will fund up to $5,000 of tuition loan funds per semester. In some cases, UPMC may need to reduce the tuition loan funding for students that receive significant amounts of other financial aid such as Pell, PHEAA or outside scholarships, so the student does not receive aid in excess of their cost of attendance.

Yes, students may receive BOTH the scholarship and the forgivable loan if they choose to apply and meet the eligibility requirements.

Your net cost will depend on things such as your program of choice and other sources of aid including federal and state grants.

Fill out our interest form to get connected with an enrollment counselor who will help you determine your estimated costs.

All new UPMC nurses, including nurses in UPMC’s Nursing Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program, are eligible for additional hiring incentives, such as sign-on bonuses, if they meet UPMC’s eligibility requirements.

Loan forgiveness is activated after three years of employment at UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, or UPMC Somerset. The program does not guarantee employment for that period and certain conditions apply which are outlined in the NTLFP agreement.

Mount Aloysius College has a team of professional enrollment counselors who are available for any questions related to enrollment, programs, or costs. Nursing advisors are also available for conversations before enrolling. Use our Future Heroes Interest Form to start the conversation!

Please visit UPMC’s webpage to learn more about UPMC, including their mission, vision and values and about their commitment to the communities they serve.

While the Future Heroes Scholarship funds new MAC students, MAC and UPMC have taken additional steps to assist students who are already enrolled in the MAC nursing programs to include the following:

  • Dependent upon their current financial aid packages, returning in-state students with a GPA of 2.50 or higher may be eligible for enhanced scholarships from MAC.  For those eligible, enhanced scholarships would apply to the following students:

    • Full-time students enrolled in the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)

    • Full-time students enrolled in the professional phase of the Pre-Licensure (BSN) Program (typically your last 4 semesters)

Additional information about enhanced scholarships will be provided by MAC’s Financial Aid Office after conclusion of the Spring Semester.

  • If you meet the qualifications for UPMC’s Nursing Tuition Loan Forgiveness Program as a current student, you may apply to receive loan funding from UPMC. Loan funding will be up to $5,000 per semester, but will not exceed $15,000.  The student will need to sign the NTLFP agreement and commit to working at UPMC Altoona, UPMC Bedford, or UPMC Somerset for three years after successfully graduating and obtaining a Pennsylvania nursing license.  UPMC reserves the right to limit the overall number of students accepted into the NTLFP.  Additional information about the UPMC NTLFP for current students will be provided by the MAC Admissions department.

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