Pay us a visit! Look what we have to offer! If you have been searching for the perfect, high quality, safe and caring environment for your children, look no further than the Ann Harris Smith Little People’s Place child development center at Mount Aloysius College.

Children between the ages of two and five are always welcome. Parents are encouraged to come by and visit. In addition to offering space for children of students, faculty and staff of Mount Aloysius College, the facility is also available for members of the local community.

Close up of childrens book collection at the Little Peoples Place
Little Peoples Place director sitting with children

About Us

  • The child development center is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.
  • The facility is named for the late Ann Harris Smith, a lifelong educator and lover of young children. Mrs. Smith devoted her life to child care and development.
  • The Little People’s Place child development center uses a structured pre-school curriculum designed to provide a multitude of educational opportunities for children ages three to five. There are also structured toddler activities for two year olds.
  • Early childhood is a time for exploration, growth and change. Through many structured experiences, trial and error, and questioning, children have the opportunity to learn and make sense of their world. This is an essential element in quality child care. We provide the excellent learning environment in which your child will succeed. American Sign Language and Bible study are also incorporated into the curriculum.

State Standards & Curriculum

Our enriched education program is based on the Creative Curriculum and cross walked with the Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Standards. Specifically, the Creative Curriculum emphasizes:

  • Play based learning for math and literacy skills
  • Developmentally appropriate, planned activities for preschool-aged children
  • The environment
  • Researched-based
  • Children using critical thinking skills and solving problems.

Note: Strong components of the curriculum include the significance of the teachers’ and the parents’ role in creating an environment that supports children’s learning and their interests.The curriculum also reflects our Judeo Christian heritage with the message of God’s love in song and prayer. Children will learn to be kind, loving and tolerant towards others. The Ann Harris Smith Little People’s Place is a loving and happy environment for your child!

Activities & Schedule

Throughout the year, we take advantage of the resources on campus and in the community and we offer those special services to you and your child.

  • Children take daily trips to the gymnasium during the cold winter months to perfect gross motor development in the wide, open space provided there.
  • Our beautiful campus offers many opportunities for exploration and discovery, and we take advantage of this with many on-campus field trips.
  • We also visit the MAC Library weekly for special story time followed often with a special craft or activity.

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday or any other special event, please let us know. While cupcakes are a favorite, sometimes parents choose to donate a book in their child’s name to the Center instead. Remember that we are always advocating nutritious foods for young children, so do not overlook fruit, veggies, and dip, cheeses and pretzels as a way of sharing special times.

As parents, you are the child’s first and most important teacher. You are welcome at any time and we encourage you to stop in and share a story, a song, or just your time with us. Your thoughts, suggestions, and help will allow us to serve you and your child better.

We invite you to be an active part of your child’s day. Allow enough time in the morning to get your child off to a good start. Share any information with us that will help us satisfy your child’s needs throughout the day. If we know that your child is especially tired, sad, angry, or just under-the-weather, we can anticipate behavior that accompanies such emotions. Accordingly, we will also keep you informed about what has transpired during the day when you pick up your child.

Child riding a tricycle

Learn More About Enrolling Your Child

In order for your child to be accepted in The Ann Harris Smith Little People’s Place, the following three (3) forms listed below MUST be completed.

  • Child Health Assessment
  • Agreement
  • Emergency Contact/Parental Consent form
  • Child’s Profile
  • Parental Consent for Photography

The completed forms must be updated annually, not only for enrolled children, but also to maintain an active status on our waiting list. Once you enroll your child in Little People’s Place, we will not forget his or her spot unless there is a breach of contract, i.e.; a parent fails to submit payment at the designated time. In addition to these required forms, we also request that you complete a personality profile of your child to give our caregivers a better understanding of the uniqueness of your child. This profile can be found in the Little People’s Place Parent Handbook.

Upon receipt of the completed forms, parents will be notified regarding space availability and together we will decide on a starting date for your child. We require that all children be given an opportunity to visit with us first. This can ease entry pains for your child and reduce your stress as well. Some shy or very young children may require a few trips with Mom, Dad, or Grandparents before they are ready to take on a whole day alone. Other children can easily wave goodbye to parents and never look back. Both can be more easily accommodated if we assess this together. Please call to make an appointment with the Director, Lisa Segada, to review all paperwork and to become familiar with our center.

Children must be between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Accommodations for older toddlers (2-3) include:

  • Age-appropriate toys and activities
  • A changing table, and
  • Special provisions for lunch if needed.
  • Parents are responsible for all:
    • Clothing
    • Diapers
    • Wipes, etc.

We will help with toilet training if parents are also training and request our assistance.

Contact us at

Student Assistance

In addition to our professional employees, LPP kids receive the attention, instruction, and activities of Mount Aloysius education and health care students. This means a busy schedule with plenty of learning!

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