New Opportunity for Criminology Students

Take a first look at the brand new Crime Scene Lab, a training facility where students are immersed into the realities of the crime scene.

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Criminology is a diverse discipline exploring the scientific study of crimes, criminals, victims, prevention, investigation, theories, the social reaction to crime and criminals, the effectiveness of policy, and the broader political context of social control. The core courses of the Criminology program are designed to provide a solid foundation and essential body of knowledge across the principal components of the Criminal Justice System. It is from that core knowledge that students are able to progress into select specializations, certificates, concentrations, and minors that will further prepare them for their future career.

Our program offers an extensive number of electives for students to extend their expertise in the subject areas of interest to them. Additionally, our students have the option to participate in specially designed internships where they are immersed into a proactive professional experience that provides a personalized window into their selected profession.

The Criminology program at Mount Aloysius College is long established as one of the finest criminology programs in the entire country. As such, our criminology program prepares students to achieve their professional goals and provides unique opportunities to graduate with a strong resume full of experiences that open doors and set our students far apart from their peers.

Program Highlights

  • Nationally Respected and Successful Program

  • Hands-on experience with internships
  • Crash Investigation training courses

  • Certificate in Forensic Investigation

  • National Criminology Honor Society – Alpha Phi Sigma

Dave Regala, '19, Criminology major

Mountie Spotlight

Discovering a Future in Criminology

Brenna Wright, ‘17, found her place after an internship at Cambria County Prison.

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Straight from the Classroom to Quantico

When he landed an internship with the FBI, Bryan quickly learned the value of a MAC education.

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The Paralegal of Pittsburgh

Colleen, ‘16, uses Mercy Values to defend victims in a medical malpractice defense law firm

Mountie Spotlight

Tale of a Haunted Jail

Mountie alum Dave Regala offered expertise to the Travel Channel’s “Destination Fear.”

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Student Voices & Success Stories

  • Matthew Cornetti, Class of 2012, is a Pennsylvania State Trooper.
  • Joey Hribar, Class of 2012, is the Chief Deputy Coroner for Cambria County.
  • Katie Mirance, Class of 2020, is attending graduate school  at the University of Delaware.
  • John Prebish, Class 1990, is a District Judge and former Prison Warden.
  • Cody Booher, Class of 2016, is a Pennsylvania State Trooper.
  • Joseph Sullivan, Class of 2015, is an Attorney at Benton County Legal Defense Consortium.
  • Tessa Boyle, Class of 2018, Counselor/Victim Advocate at Victim’s Services.

There are several paths in the Crim program that really help identify what focus you want to pursue.

Emily Goldyn
Class of 2019, Currently employed by the FBI

The New Crime Scene Lab at Mount Aloysius College

Imagine a single location in Cresson, Pennsylvania unlike any other, where brazen crimes are not feared, but in fact, they are expected; where violent murders and assaults frequently occur without apology or defense. Incredibly, this location actually exists near the center of Mount Aloysius College. Located within the Criminology Department and attached to a state-of-the-art classroom, the Crime Scene Lab is a purposely designed training facility where students are immersed into the realities of the crime scene. The Crime Scene Lab resembles a typical home or apartment and is equipped with moveable walls that can be modified to create any form of staged criminal scenarios that are only limited by the imaginations of the diabolical and the devious. Just beyond the Criminology classroom and the Crime Scene Lab is an additional plot used for the simulation of outdoor crime scenes – although, the heinous crime may lead students to an unmarked grave within the 193 wooded acres of the campus. The crime simulations use exceptionally high-quality mannequins (constructed by a television and film industry fabrication company) to accurately replicate the injuries and conditions of the crime victims. Our students are immersed directly into realistic crime scenes where they learn to recognize, collect, and preserve the evidence. In the course of the investigation, students reconstruct the scene while developing critical thinking, analytic skills, and logic in an environment that is as true to life as possible. Whether the crime involves the collection of bodily fluids, fingerprint analysis, impression evidence, or bloodstain pattern analysis the crime will be resolved, but at this unique Crime Scene Lab, the perpetrator will always go on to commit another violent crime, on another day, enabling our students to develop their investigative skills once more.

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