Mount Aloysius College’s Office of Student Success & Persistence provides holistic and strength-based support to all students in a proactive effort to foster academic and career success. The Office is focused on providing services that are high impact, accessible, and equitable to all students.

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The MACPASS awards students for attending academic, life, and career planning sessions! If completed, students gain access to priority registration for the upcoming semester, excellent student success resources, and entries into a drawing for 3 $100 gift certificates toward next semester’s books at the MAC Campus Bookstore.

Tracking Process

When students attend an approved event, they will get a stamp from the presenter for their card that says “Approved MACPASS Event.” Signatures from advisors are also welcome.

Free T-Shirts

CSS will offer a “T-shirt Tuesday” every Tuesday. The first 3 students to show their MACPASS in the Center for Student Success on Tuesdays during office hours get a free t-shirt.


The student will be in charge of their passport and replacement passports will not be awarded if misplaced. It is up to the students to collect stamps from those events or programs completed.  Upon completion, the student turns in their card to Main 101 or the Registrar’s office by Monday, October 22nd. If completed, the student earns:

  1. The MACPASS Student Success Certificate of Completion – if you complete all 6.
  2. Access to priority registration for the upcoming semester – if you complete all 6.
  3. Any stamp is good for one entry into a drawing for 3 $100 gift certificates toward next semester’s books at the MAC Campus Bookstore, so turn in your card no matter how many stamps you have!  A completed card gets you an additional 10 entries in the drawing.

Advisor Development Sessions

Academic advising plays a key role in the success of a student at the College.   The relationship an advisor develops with a student not only helps foster persistence and academic achievement, but it can also be crucial when a student faces challenges that could derail the student from reaching his or her goals. A success advisor must able to transition from passive forms of advising (where the advisor does more talking than listening) to active forms of advising (where the advisor listens more while the student does the bulk of the talking).

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