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General Information

Center for Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship Center

The Student Engagement Ambassador Program provides students with an opportunity to earn money while they serve their campus, local community, and beyond! Applications can be found online at, and at #31 St. Gert’s. This work-study opportunity is available in the Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship Center (CESEC) and will provide students with experiences in leadership development, presentation and professional skills, community relations, and a general understanding of various social issues. Interested students should have a commitment to service, and a willingness to train and take on a leadership role among their peers. Responsibilities include the following: Maintain and update community partner database, and record service hours; Assist the staff in day-to-day operations at the CESEC; Organize Monthly Days of Service, and other service projects that are held on-campus; Represent the CESEC at on-campus events by taking attendance, and other duties as needed; Cultivate student participation and recruit volunteers by making class presentations, speaking to individual students and registered student organizations, creating advertisements, and posting material around campus; Assist the Coordinator in a social media plan, and implement that plan through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.


Number of Positions Per Semester: 3

Contact Information

Chris Koren
(814) 886-6407

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  • The tools and programs taught in the digital forensics/cybersecurity program are used widely throughout the industry, from local security firms to the FBI. Under the direction of knowledgeable professors, students in the program learn the skills they need to succeed in a wide variety of careers in the digital world.
  • Always strive to be better than you were yesterday.  #MondayMotivation 
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  • President McKeegan has announced an initial plan to return to campus for the Fall 2020 semester that includes strategies for health/safety, academics, communications, events, dining, and more. This plan will continue to evolve as we approach the fall semester based on guidance from the PA Department of Health and the CDC. You will find more information as well as future updates at the link in our bio.

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