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General Information

Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries Job ID: OF3200

CHILD CARE INSTRUCTOR - Hours of operation - 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students will assist the childcare staff in supervising and planning age-appropriate activities for a group of children (ages - infants through age 12). The student will comply with all requirements governing a state-licensed facility. Position is available at the following locations: Growing Years Early Learning Center at Johnstown, 807 Goucher Street, Johnstown, PA. (814) 248-3800, Melissa Burnheimer, Center Director Bedford Kid Shop, Bedford Elementary School, 3639 Business Route 220, Bedford, PA 15522, (814) 623-4221, Tammy Wolfhope, Center Director Everett Kid Shop, Everett Area Elementary School, 165 East First Avenue, Everett, PA 15522, (814) 652-5455, Tammy Wolfhope, Center Director Johnstown Kid Shop, Westmont Hilltop Elementary School, 675 Goucher Street, Johnstown, PA, (814) 255-1275, Sylvia Hirsch, Kid Shop Director Growing Years Early Learning Center at Claysburg, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, RD #2, Box 1329, Claysburg, PA , (814) 239-8750, Vanessa Bowser, Center Director Growing Years Early Learning Center at Bedford, 106 West Penn Street, Bedford, PA 15522, (814) 623-2096, Nell Furry, Center Director Growing Years Intergenerational Center at Altoona, 701 Quail Avenue, Altoona, PA , (814) 942-0952, Michealle Wright, Center Director.


Company Address: 231 S. Juliana Street, Bedford, PA 15522

Contact Information

Denise Steele
(814) 624-3200

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