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General Information

Residence Life

The Federal Work-Study employees (FWS) assigned to Residence Life will primarily act as the administrative and customer service agent of the office. Office Assistant candidates must have computer knowledge and filing competency. Assistant will serve as mail attendant, must be creative (assigned to bulletin board), and have knowledge of security, maintenance, and support center operations. Must also have a friendly demeanor (some tasks require answering phones/calling residents, etc.), and show professionalism and represent the values of the department and College.

The office assistants are supervised by the Residence Life staff.

FWS Residence Life Responsibilities

  1. Greet students and all guests visiting the Residence Life office.

  2. Become familiar with the students.

  3. Act as a referral agent when appropriate.

  4. Consult with the Residence Life staff or supervisor to discuss any concerns.

  5. Report emergencies and incidents to the appropriate College personnel.

FWS Staff Responsibilities

  1. Participate in any department’s training sessions as assigned.

  2. Distribute, route, and file appropriate paperwork.

  3. Perform other tasks as assigned and outlined by the supervisor.

  4. Act as a team player; present a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

  5. Dress appropriately when performing departmental duties.

  6. Assist in hall programming efforts.

FWS Facility Responsibilities

  1. Manage the area as assigned.

  2. Distribute telephone messages, if applicable.

  3. Receive and monitor telephone calls, if applicable.

  4. Maintain neat and organized paperwork.

  5. Maintain a positive attitude and great customer service.



Number of Positions Available: 7
Number of Positions Per Semester: 7

Contact Information

Andrea Mantilla
(814) 886-6388 or (814) 886-6472

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