Support in Sonography

“Teaching is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs I’ve ever done.” Andrea Gutmann ‘09, ‘11 worked for five years as a sonographer in a clinic affiliate health care system, and in that time, she worked with Mount Aloysius sonography students in a clinical setting. It’s one of the reasons she returned to teaching. “Ultrasound has always been a love of mine, so teaching students throughout their academic careers and witnessing their journey [...]

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Cooking Up Recipes for Catherine’s Cupboard

Justin Delasko, a registered dietitian, teaches a nutrition course on campus. After wanting to focus on bringing a new experience to one of the class’s lessons on food equity, he decided to partner the class up with Catherine’s Cupboard, Mount Aloysius College’s food pantry, to bring the the students an entirely new experience that not only benefits their knowledge, but also benefits the community at large.    “When I first started teaching this course, I [...]

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Weaving a Story

For his Spring 2020 Rhetoric II class, Dr. Chris Burlingame wanted to try something a little different. Instead of a “normal” creative writing assignment, he had his class attempt what is called Twine. Twine is an online writing medium used to create branching stories, typically written in the second person, with multiple plots, paths, and endings. This alternative assignment, Dr. Burlingame thought, could get his class thinking differently about writing. “The decision to use Twine [...]

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It’s in their DNA

When Noah Strickland, Hannah Kitko, and Lana Maniakhina first dove into an independent research project with Dr. Crystal Goldyn, assoc. professor of science at MAC, they didn’t know what to expect. “I was very nervous and thought, ‘How are we ever going to get conclusive results for something like this?’” said Maniakhina, originally from Sevastopol, Russia. “Dr. Goldyn made it personal and her experience really guided us.” The project involved altering the DNA in yeast [...]

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Mount Aloysius Campus Offers Campus Trail Fun

The outdoor trail offers a 1.9 mile pathway in the woods just to the right of campus. MAC professors understand the importance of utilizing the beautiful surrounding campus to help students become well balanced graduates. Dr. Sara Rutledge, professor of education, has improved the Mountie Trail with her education students this semester. For an education class project, mailboxes were installed on the pathway that contain family-friendly scavenger hunts and pencils. During the hunt, participants will [...]

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MAC Gives Students Opportunity to Research & Present

Mounties Maggee Carrara and Katie Mirance presented their research at the Eastern Sociological Society 90th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. They were guided in the process by MAC faculty member, Dr. Elizabeth Mansley. Their research explored how the attitudes and actions of fathers in Disney movies differ based on the gender of their children.  Learn more about Research Opportunities

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Arts for Healing

Dr. Donald Talbot, professor of fine arts at MAC, started the healing outreach with students in his community engagement through the expressive arts class at Mount Aloysius College. Talbot said the exhibition provides participants an opportunity to address their own personal issues and help with their healing. “The show gives them that public recognition, having them be able to take pride in something that they’ve done that’s on public display,” he said. Mount Aloysius students [...]

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Communicating at Casino Night

Kolby Wasnick, a MAC accounting instructor, knows the importance of having students interact with businesses and companies while in college. To introduce undergrads to these corporations, she continued the tradition of taking several business and accounting students to the PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants) Student Networking and Casino Night in Pittsburgh. At this event, MAC students had the opportunity to network with employers in a fun,relaxing atmosphere. This provided them with new connections [...]

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