General COVID-19 Information for Spring 2022

  • Mount Aloysius College will continue in-person classes for Spring 2022.
  • The campus is open for tours, visits, and events.
  • The College continues to follow CDC and state health guidelines.

Please review the messages below for more details on COVID-related plans for the Spring 2022 semester.

If you feel ill, please stay home. Use the CDC’s symptom checker below, and contact Director of Student Health Services Shannon Grove. Mount Aloysius College continues to ask Mounties to wash their hands and maintain social distancing as space allows.

COVID-19 cases on this dashboard include laboratory-verified test results. The dashboard will be updated weekly each Wednesday.

The data represents activity since January 18, 2022.

The College will not disclose any identifying information about affected individuals. Students who test positive will be placed in isolation accommodations. To the extent possible, students who test positive will return home. As contract tracing identifies community members at risk for exposure, they will be contacted for quarantine measures.

Active positive cases will be removed from the first column once satisfying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) criteria for system-based recovery. All active case counts are classified to the best of the College’s knowledge.

PLEASE NOTE: Consistent with prior COVID Dashboard reporting, the chart below begins with the first day of classes and ends with the final day of classes. These numbers do not include students who tested positive before returning to campus, or in athletics over the semester break.

Active positive cases in isolation on campus Active positive cases off-campus Dedicated rooms currently occupied for isolation or quarantine (%) * Cumulative Positive Student Cases – Spring 2022 semester
Total 0 0 0% 47

Updated 5/4/2022 9:14 AM ET

*This reflects the percentage of dedicated rooms currently occupied for individuals in isolation or quarantine on campus. Note: an active positive case or students identified for quarantine might either be at home or in their own room depending on the particular situation. These rooms may also be used for short term housing for students who are sick but test negative for COVID-19.

Spring 2022 Messages

Greetings, Mounties,

Since March 2020, our community has demonstrated poise and calm perseverance despite numerous challenges resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Regularly adapting to changed circumstances has been a constant for two years.

Now, in light of declining caseloads, improved treatments, and severity-reducing vaccines, more change is underway: across the country, nearly every state has ended mask mandates, and health agency guidance about universal indoor masking has seen substantial revision. Major employers have also recently dropped mask requirements.

We had previously decided to keep our current protocol in place until Spring Break. However, recent changes in community mitigation guidance and practices warrant an earlier response. Accordingly, effective Monday, March 7, Mount Aloysius College will suspend the indoor masking requirement, moving to mask optional status on campus. This does not mean anyone should throw masks away – there will be circumstances where masking still has to occur, as explained below. Moreover, the College reserves the right to reinstate masking based on future conditions.

When will Mounties continue to wear a mask? Consistent with our Mercy values, we are counting on you to mask:

Whenever you are asked (in a classroom, lab, office, or any other space) by any community member

Whenever any sign requires masking

If, for any reason, you want to

If you are personally at high risk, or are in frequent close contact with someone who is high risk

If you have COVID symptoms, feel unwell, or test positive (do not come to class or work in these circumstances), or

If you are exposed to someone with COVID

For the last two years, our community has always responded with care and concern for the wellbeing of others – not in a self-centered way – and we are counting on all Mounties to continue to respond with compassion to any request for masking.

Have your mask handy, in the event you are asked to wear it, or where any office or meeting space signage is posted. Masks will also be distributed around campus in these settings.

Throughout Covid-19, we have supported each other together, as a community. I am confident that under this new protocol, all of us will continue to demonstrate our core values in vibrant Mountie fashion.

Be Well, Live Mercy,

John McKeegan
President, Mount Aloysius College