The deadline for student profiles and thank you letters is August 31, 2020.

Scholarship Donor Recognition Dinner invitations will be mailed separately in the spring once a date is determined.

Please fill out the student profile and submit a photo of yourself to be included with your thank you letter to your benefactor.

Fill Out the Student Profile Here
  • You have been given a gift, so thank your donor sincerely and from the heart.
  • If you receive more than one scholarship, you need a separate letter for each.
  • Proofread carefully before submitting. If there are errors, you will be contacted to correct them.
  • Do not copy thank you letters from any website or your friends.

 Letter Format:

  • Must be typed and should contain at least 3 paragraphs
  • Do not date the letter
  • All greetings should read: Dear Benefactor,

Paragraph 1

Include gratitude and appreciation statements.

Mention the name of the scholarship you received.

Paragraph 2

Write about your background (hometown, family etc.).

How and why you chose Mount Aloysius.

A sentence or two on your educational and/or career goals.

How you chose your major.

What you plan to do with your education, etc.

If you received the same scholarship last year, write how it’s helped you this year.

Paragraph 3

How the scholarship award inspires you to work harder to achieve your goal(s).

Additional thanks and gratitude.


Use a closing such as Sincerely, Gratefully, With Gratitude, etc.


Type your first and last name.  If you want, include your expected graduation year.

Submit Your Thank You Letter Here

The following is just a sample.  You will need to add your personal touch to the letter.

Dear Benefactor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the _________________ Scholarship as I pursue my education at Mount Aloysius.  I am honored and humbled by your generosity.

As a ______________(freshman/junior/sophomore/senior) majoring in ____________, it will help me to attain my goal of becoming a _________.  In high school, I volunteered at UPMC Hospital in Altoona and knew then that I wanted to become a nurse to help others.  I am anxious to learn more about the field of nursing and begin clinical training.

The ______________ Scholarship has lightened the financial burden for me and my family and allows me to focus on the most important part of my education; learning and studying.  Your generosity motivates me to maintain a good GPA and complete my degree.  I hope to meet you someday to thank you in person.

With Sincere Gratitude,

______________________, Class of 20xx (optional to include expected graduation year)

(First & Last Name typed)

If you have questions about the student profile or the thank you letter, email Sally Gordon at