Glenn Neff

Dr. Glenn Neff, Associate Professor of English

Photo of Glenn Neff
Glenn Neff
Diploma, Mount Aloysius College
A.S., B.A., Mount Aloysius College
M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennyslvania
  • Department:
    • Communication Studies
    • English / Fine Arts
  • Campus Location: Faculty Wing 8
  • Telephone: 814-886-6356
  • Email:

Dr. Bernard Glenn Neff, Associate Professor of English, has taught full-time at Mount Aloysius College since 2003. He earned both Associate and Bachelor’s degrees from Mount Aloysius College and then attained his Master’s degree in English and Ph.D. in “Literature and Criticism” from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Neff teaches English and literature courses in Rhetoric, American Literature, Film Studies, Special Topics and Communication. His research interests include American Film and Literature, in particular the American Transcendentalists. Dr. Neff is a teacher who loves to be in the classroom,“The subject matter of literature is worth sharing and my goal is to communicate it in ways students appreciate can understand”.

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