Yes, some students may qualify for work-study depending on their financial need.
It is your responsibility to review the on and off campus Federal Work-Study job listings and contact the supervisor of the site at which you wish to work to inquire about a job. If a position is open, you will need to schedule and interview with the supervisor and have him/her sign your Employment Application. You will not be assigned to a job. You will have 30 days from the date of your award to return all paperwork.

Once Federal Work-Study paperwork is complete, you will receive a postcard in the mail a few weeks before the semester begins. This postcard will confirm your work-study site, your supervisor, and the number of hours you’ve been awarded. It is your responsibility to contact your supervisor the first week of classes to set up a schedule and begin working. If you are new to the Federal Work-Study Program, you will be required to attend a mandatory Federal Work-Study Seminar. You will be notified when theses seminars will be held.

If you have questions about federal work-study, contact the financial aid office.