How do students benefit from MAC Army ROTC?

Guaranteed management job after graduation Average of $55,000 starting salary (Second Lieutenant salary with Housing Allowance and Subsistance Allowance) $420 monthly stipend while in ROTC (Must be contracted) Compete for 100% Tuition Scholarships (2, 3, or 4 year scholarships) Compete for summer Army Specialty Schools (Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, etc) Compete for summer Cultural Understanding and Learning Proficiency (4 weeks training with a foreign military) Compete for Nurse Summer Training Program (Nurse Majors Only) [...]

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How often are Army ROTC scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded once a year for high school students. Students apply by December 15, and selections are made continuously through May 15. Four-year scholarship applications must be requested between March 1 and November 1. Also, if you are already on campus, two-year and three-year scholarships are often available.

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On what basis are ROTC scholarship winners chosen?

ROTC scholarships are not based on financial need. Instead, they’re awarded on merit. Merit is exhibited in academic achievement and extracurricular activities, such as sports, student government, or part-time work.

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What is the ROTC course composed of?

The ROTC program is divided into phases: The Basic Course (freshman and sophomore years) studies Army history, organization, structure, and basic military skills, such as basic rifle marksmanship, first aid training, and land navigation. The techniques and principles of leadership and management are stressed throughout. The Advanced Course (junior and senior years) concentrates on tactical operations and military instruction, as well as advanced techniques of management, leadership, and command.

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