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Site Location: Center for Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship Center Supervisor(s) / Contact Name: Chris Koren Contact Information: (814) 886-6407
Number of Positions Per Semester: 3

The Student Engagement Ambassador Program provides students with an opportunity to earn money while they serve their campus, local community, and beyond! Applications can be found online at, and at #31 St. Gert’s. This work-study opportunity is available in the Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship Center (CESEC) and will provide students with experiences in leadership development, presentation and professional skills, community relations, and a general understanding of various social issues. Interested students should have a commitment to service, and a willingness to train and take on a leadership role among their peers. Responsibilities include the following: Maintain and update community partner database, and record service hours; Assist the staff in day-to-day operations at the CESEC; Organize Monthly Days of Service, and other service projects that are held on-campus; Represent the CESEC at on-campus events by taking attendance, and other duties as needed; Cultivate student participation and recruit volunteers by making class presentations, speaking to individual students and registered student organizations, creating advertisements, and posting material around campus; Assist the Coordinator in a social media plan, and implement that plan through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

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