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Site Location: Physical Plant (Facilities) Supervisor(s) / Contact Name: Donna Garzarelli Contact Information: (814) 886-6311
Number of Positions Available: 6 Number of Positions Per Semester: 6

The MAC Event Support Team is a pilot project to develop an ongoing student team to work with the Facilities department and Conference Coordinator in the set up and tear down required for events on campus. The month of April is an especially heavy time for special events around campus and additional assistance is necessary to ensure the campus community can hold all of their year end of year celebrations. The Event Support Team will: assist facility staff in setting up rooms for special events, including moving tables and chairs; assist facility staff in tear down of rooms and returning them to their original configuration following an event; work variable hours including evenings and weekends; assist facility staff in cleaning of rooms after special events to include wiping down tables, picking up trash and vacuuming carpeted areas.

Aerial Photo of the Mount Aloysius Campus