Take Your First Steps on Your College Journey

Congratulations! Every journey begins with a first step, and now that you’ve deposited and have access to your Mountie Status Page, you’ve officially started on the path to the top. This page contains all of the next steps you’ll need to take to prepare for your first year as a Mountie student. Contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions along the way. Your Mountie Status Page Checklist will update as you complete the following steps.

Complete the Steps Below to Get Started!

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Once you’ve received your MAC Student ID Number, it’s time to change your password. Your MAC Student ID Number was sent to you in an email from our Admissions Department with the subject line “Important MAC Student Account Information.”

Here’s how to Change Your Password:

  1. Visit the Change Your Password page.
  2. Log in with your Last Name and your Student ID Number which was provided to you in the email you received.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see your MAC Student Email Address, your MAC User ID and a one-time password.
    • NOTE: Take a minute to document/remember your MAC Student Email address and your MAC User ID. These will be important to remember.
  4. Now follow the link on that page to reset your password. Simply enter your MAC User ID as the login, and your one-time password, and you will be prompted to enter a new password.
    • NOTE: Document/remember your new password, as well!

Now you should have your MAC Student ID Number, MAC Student Email Address, MAC User ID, and your newly created password. Document/remember this info, and check out the next steps to becoming a Mountie!

If you have any issues along the way, please reach out to us at 814-886-6502 to speak to our IT Services Helpdesk.

Please take time to review our Residency Requirements in the Student Handbook. Mountie students who live outside of a 45-minute drive radius of the College are required to live on campus for their first three years. There may be some exemptions. Please reach out to ResidenceLife@mtaloy.edu with any questions you may have.

  1. Visit the Mountie eRezLife page.
  2. Login with your Mount Aloysius email address and password.
  3. Click on the Housing Overview tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Click ‘Apply Now.’
  5. Complete all questions on the application form. Mandatory questions on the application are marked with a red asterisk (*)
  6. After completing your application form, click “Save” and “Continue” in order to save your data, or click “Continue to: Confirm Application” to continue with your housing application process.
  7. On the Confirm Application page, carefully review your application details and check the boxes of the two terms listed indicating that you understand and agree with all statements.
  8. Once your application has successfully been completed, you will see a confirmation message. A copy of this confirmation message will also be sent to your Mount Aloysius email address.

Note: If you update your application after your initial submission, it will save as the new date and you will lose your original position for the first come, first serve selection.

We encourage students to email us at ResidenceLife@mtaloy.edu if you encounter any problems with the application process.

To Withdraw Your Housing Application

You will notice that your housing application status is updated as “Complete” under the Housing Overview tab. You may click the “Withdraw Application” link if you change your mind and no longer want to request on-campus housing.

Your student email is used throughout your time at the Mount to keep you up-to-date on events, campus news, and general communication from fellow students, professors, and other members of the campus community. So it’s important to access it early and to access it frequently. There are a few options for doing this:

  1. You can access the Mount’s email login page on the MyMAC Portal. Go to the Portal and search for the ‘Email – Student’ link along the left-hand side.
  2. Go to gmail.com to log in.
  3. Log in using your phone’s email app
  4. Download the Gmail app to your phone or tablet and log in

If you choose to log in using the link on the Portal, you will only need your school username (the first part of your email address before the @) and your password. However, if you choose to use gmail.com, your phone’s default email app, or the Gmail app on your phone, you will use your full email address and password to log in.

Keeping up with your email is an easy way to help you become a successful college student.

Approximately 98% of MAC students receive financial aid. We award millions of dollars in scholarships each year and also offer grants and work-study.

But before you can secure your aid, you must file the FAFSA. Here are the steps to complete the FAFSA successfully.

  1. Visit studentaid.gov to create an FSA ID and password. Students and parents both need FSA IDs to complete the FAFSA. You will need to wait four days before proceeding to ensure that your FSA ID is activated and that you are in the government’s system.
    • Note: Make sure you keep track of this information, as you will need to use it every year to file your FAFSA.
  2. Fill out the FAFSA at studentaid.gov. You will be asked to give permission to FAFSA to access your IRS tax documents. Once your FAFSA is processed, you will receive an email.
    • Our school code is 003302.
  3. The Department of Education will send your FAFSA information to the colleges you’ve chosen.
  4. If we need additional information, you will be notified in writing. Sometimes, students get selected for what is called verification, which means that a school may need additional documentation of what is listed on your FAFSA. This could be things like your tax returns, W-2s, etc. It is helpful to provide any and all requested information quickly, as some aid cannot be determined until verification is complete.

Now that you’ve been accepted, join us and celebrate with your fellow Mounties!

At Accepted Student Day, you’ll have the chance to hear from faculty, staff, and current students. Tour campus, make new friends, and learn more about the various departments on campus. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about life on campus, clubs and organizations, and so much more.

If you have questions, contact Admissions@mtaloy.edu and we’d be happy to help!

Registering for classes early is a great way to ensure that you’re getting into the classes you need AND the classes you want. Many popular classes fill up quickly, so being among the first to register can give you a better chance to have a schedule that works for you.

In order to be eligible to register for classes, we must have FAFSA information for you on file, and if you are a resident student planning to live on campus, you must have completed your housing application.

  1. Make sure you have filled out and submitted the Student Financial Responsibility form. If you haven’t, you can do that online here. You must submit this form to be able to register for classes.
  2. Check your Mount Aloysius student email account for an invitation to schedule classes with your academic advisor. It will give you instructions on how to set up your advising appointment. During this appointment, you will review any credits you may be transferring in and requirements for your major.
  3. When you click the link in the email, you will be prompted to log in to Navigate. You will do this using your student email and password.
  4. Select a time in Navigate to meet with your advisor and register for classes.
  5. If your advisor mentions needing more information from you (such as final high school and/or college transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, etc.), make sure you follow up with them with the requested information.

Please note: Depending on your major/athletic involvement, you may receive communications to your student email about additional requirements for your program (for example, health majors may get information about clinical clearances, etc.). Please check your email frequently to stay on top of these requests.

If you have any questions about registering for classes or Navigate, please reach out to the Office of Student Success & Persistence at StudentSuccess@mtaloy.edu.

This year, New Student Orientation will be held Thursday, June 6; Friday, June 7; Saturday, June 8; and Saturday, June 15. Students (and their support systems!) should plan to attend one orientation session. You can register for your preferred date beginning May 1.

During On-Campus Orientation, you’ll:

  • Connect with members of the campus community, including other incoming students, current students, faculty, and staff
  • Learn more about College policies, procedures, and processes
  • Discover resources that will help you succeed in your first semester all the way through graduation
  • Discuss the transition from high school to college with student leaders
  • Engage with campus life and Mountie culture

Once you’ve registered for your orientation session, check out our Orientation Hub, where you can find more information about Orientation itself, campus resources, information for first-generation and international students, and more. Check it out here.