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Mission Statement

The Mount Aloysius Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering a lifelong relationship between the College and its alumni and promoting their mutual welfare and advancement.

Organizational and School History

The organization of the Mount Aloysius Alumnae Association took place on the occasion of the opening of the new Academy in Cresson on June 16, 1897, with Mollie (Bracken) Fleming of Burlington, Iowa, presiding. The first regular meeting was held on September 6, 1898. With the graduation of the class of 1970, the organization changed its name to the Mount Aloysius Alumni Association St. Aloysius Academy, established in 1853 in Loretto, PA, was moved to its present site of Cresson, PA in 1897 and subsequently re-named Mount Aloysius Academy. The Junior College was founded in 1939, and graduates were included in the Alumnae Association with the class of 1941. The Academy and Jr. College ran consecutively until the final high school graduating class of 1961. In 1968, the Junior College became coeducational. In 1991, Mount Aloysius Jr. College became Mount Aloysius College with baccalaureate degrees to be first awarded to the class of 1993. In the spring of 2000, the College’s charter was amended to include master’s degrees.

Alumni Association Board Members
  • Tobie L. Gunby, ’03, President
  • Brad Mikitko, ’12, 14, Vice President
  • Judy M. Burke, ’61A, ’63, Secretary
  • Mary Flynn Keller, ’69, Treasurer
  • Francis C. Crouse, ’93
  • David Eberhart, ’15
  • Bernadette Hattjar, ’72
  • Brett Hazlett, ’13
  • Melissa A. Meyers, ’02,
  • Robert J. McGowan, ’88, ’05
  • Edward Mihelcic, ‘84
  • Adam Pernelli, ’15
  • Bernice Rittner, ’53
  • Ramona Shrift ’81
  • Sandra Grady Yates, ’63
  • Bonnie Mazurak-Riga, ’81
  • Patricia M. Gildea ’47, Parliamentarian
  • Charles R. Mastervich ’11, Honorary Lifetime Member

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Celebrity Scholarship Golf Tournament Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni ResizedMount Aloysius provides the foundation for our alumni to thrive and be successful. A number of our alumni have built careers that demonstrate outstanding professional accomplishments and volunteer their time and talents to their communities in the Mercy tradition. If you know of an individual who meets these criteria and eligibility and would like to see them recognized with the “Distinguished Alumni Award” during events on Alumni Homecoming weekend, please review the information below and nominate that individual. If you have any questions regarding the Mount Aloysius Distinguished Alumni Awards process, please feel free to contact the Office of Institutional Advancement/Alumni Relations at or by phone at (814) 886-6396.

Areas of Recognition

  1. Education/Pedagogy/Human Services
  2. Business/Entrepreneurship
  3. Government Service
  4. Military/Valor
  5. Clergy/Charity/Ministry
  6. Foundation Relations/Philanthropy
  7. Law/Justice
  8. Health/Medical/Science
  9. Fine Arts



  1. Distinction in one’s profession
  2. Reflection of the Mercy Tradition and ideals of Mount Aloysius College through one’s character
  3. Significant contributions to society through civic, community or religious service
  4. Commitment to Mount Aloysius College



  1. An earned degree from Mount Aloysius College, Mount Aloysius Junior College or Mount Aloysius Academy (Master, Bachelor, Associate, Diploma or Academy Diploma).


Previous Distinguished Alumni Recipients


Dr. Bernard G. Neff, ’97, ’98, ’99


Mrs. Linda DelGrosso,’70


Mrs. Marie R. Little, ’89


Eleanor E. “Honey” Corbin, ’83

Steven W. Franke, ’74

Sr. Ruth Neely, RSM, ’73

Michael J. Shank, ’79

Patricia Mutch Watson, ’71


Mary Frances Bryja, PhD, ’79

Francis C. Crouse, Jr., ’93

Colleen McCann, MPH, RD, ’52A

Mary Elizabeth Peek ’51A

Sandra Grady Yates, PhD, ’63


Mauvette Kiel O’Dowd, ’58A, ’85

John Prebish, ’90


Gloria J. Lynch, EdD, ’52

Renee Martin Nagle, JD, LLM, ’79

Judith Lynch Welu, EdD, ’59A


Donna Bluhm, ’58A

Elise Bourne-Busby, EdD, ’65

Adele Kupchella, ’60A

Michelle McGowan, ’83


Sr. M. Michele Brophy, RSM, ’42

Lynne M. Faint, ’82

Dr. Louis F. Garzarelli, Sr. ’89

Hon. Patricia Jones, ’60

Sr. M. Caritas Kennedy, RSM, ’47A, ’49


Bernadette M. Hattjar, PhD, ’72

Sr. M. Margaretta Phillips, RSM, ’78

Andrea M. Ward, ’94

Linda S. Weaver, ’72


Michael Caldwell, ’01

Stacey Porter, ’89

Sr. Benedict Joseph Watters, RSM, ’46A, ’48

Nomination Form

The Distinguished Alumni Award is given annually during Mount Aloysius Alumni Homecoming Weekend. The person recommending the award and the recipient must be present for the recognition dinner held during Alumni Homecoming Weekend. Nominator information is required so that Mount Aloysius staff can verify nominee details of eligibility. 

Nominee Information


Current Position/Title


Business Address:

City of Business:

State of Business:

Zip Code of Business:

Business Phone Number:

Business Email Address:

Home Address:



Zip Code:

Home Phone Number:

Home Email Address:

Year(s) of Graduation:



Category/Area of Recognition:

Achievements that evidence the person is eligible for the Distinguished Alumni Award under the recommended category of recognition:

Evidence the person is committed to Mount Aloysius College:

Evidence of Mercy Tradition in personal life:

Other Comments/Highlights of Person:

Nominator Information:


Home Address:



Zip Code:

Home Phone:

Home Email Address:

What is your relationship to the nominee:

Date of Nomination:

Homecoming/Alumni Weekend

Homecoming/Alumni Weekend allows families of our current students and our alumni come together for various activities and sporting events across campus.  Alumni get the chance to meet with old friends and see how the campus has grown since their time here at Mount Aloysius College.

Learn more about Homecoming/Alumni Weekend here!

Mount Aloysius Custom License Plate

Download the MAC License Plate PDF to register for a custom plate. The plate is $50. Custom messages have an additional cost.

Nominate a Board Member

The Mount Aloysius Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for new Board Members. Serving on the Board of Directors is a responsibility and honor for those wishing to support the Mission of the Alumni Association and Mount Aloysius College. If you are interested in nominating a Mount Aloysius Alumnus for a position, please review the below information and your nomination can be submitted on the form below.

Mount Aloysius Alumni Association Executive Board of Directors Position Description Title: Mount Aloysius Alumni Association Board Member

Length of Service: Directors at Large shall be appointed by the President, with approval of the Executive Board, for a term of three years.  After serving the first three-year term, Directors may be appointed for an additional three-year term.

Eligibility: By vote of the Alumni Association Members at the Annual Meeting

Duties: A member of the Executive Board of Directors shall:

  • Conduct the business of the Association between annual meetings
  • Determine the date for the annual meeting
  • Fill vacancies in offices other than that of the President
  • Approve appointments made by the President
  • Create standing committees as the need arises
  • Authorize projects to benefit the Association and Mount Aloysius
  • Serve on at least one standing committee of the Board
  • Attend Alumni Reunion Weekend activities
  • Attend at least 1 other Alumni Association event throughout the year (other than official Executive Board activities)
  • Support the Association fundraising efforts by way of a sacrificial gift
  • Support any special campaign efforts of the College and/or Association by way of a financial gift

Email your Board Nominations and reasons or nomination to

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