MAC Academic Department Presentations

Pick Two Sessions to Attend on Friday, October 8, 2021!

The academic departments on campus showcased their programs and the various strategies and techniques used to teach students in the classroom., as well as the current and future plans for each major.

  • A professor oversees a student in the cybersecurity lab
  • A professor talks with students in the biology lab
  • A professor assists a nursing student in the simulation rooms

9:00 to 9:40 a.m.

“Experience Business” will focus on the many experiential learning opportunities in the Business Department. Faculty will discuss the benefits of hands-on, practical experiences for our Accounting, Business, Marketing, and MBA students. A slide show, with short video clips from students, faculty, and partner organizations, will be used to highlight the Business Department’s experiential learning efforts.

Presented in ACWC 213

Attendee Maximum: 30

This presentation will showcase the collaborative nature of the Arts, Communications, and English Department. Faculty will discuss: Theatre (collaboration with local arts community, as well as the ASL/EI Dept), Vox Nova (collaboration with ASL/EI as well as the Art Dept. and Religious Studies Dept.), Charity Con (Collaboration with faculty at other institutions, local crafters/vendors, gaming community, and community participation at event), and Poetry Reading Series (collaboration via Student Activities co-sponsorship and student/faculty/staff participation).

Presented in AH 113

Attendee Maximum: 20

Learn more about the uniqueness of the criminology program at Mount Aloysius. The presentation will cover courses, internships, certificates, specializations offered, National Comprehensive Exams (ETS), notable alumni, special programs offered at local prisons, and the future of the department as a whole in regard to offering a modern policing specialization.

Presented in AH 114

Attendee Maximum: 30

Learn more about cybersecurity–what it is, what the threats are, and what job opportunities exist. Presenters will showcase a live virtual threat map and demonstrate the use of virtual machines in the lab environment.

Presented in LIB 001

Attendee Maximum: 30

A presentation highlighting the ASL/EI department, Deaf community immersion and collaboration, exciting job opportunities, and student successes.

Presented in AH 211

Attendee Maximum: 20

A presentation showcasing the Education Department, including recent alumni highlights, department events for this year, the advisory board, PSEA, collaborations with the MAC Learning Center and Head Start, student research, service-learning, technology-rich program examples, mock teacher interviews, taking students to conferences and the PERC job fair, and more.

Presented in AH 112

Attendee Maximum: 20

10:00 to 10:40 a.m.

This presentation will discuss the history of the program, the high demands of a career in surgical technology, and more. Students will be performing mock surgeries in the individual simulation operating rooms.

Presented in PH 200

Attendee Maximum: 20

See the Physical Therapist Assistant equipment and classroom and check out demonstrations of hands-on skills by current PTA students. Faculty will highlight the program, what makes it unique, and notable alumni.

Presented in Chapel 38C

Attendee Maximum: 40

Experience a bio lab in-person and check out our new Anatomage table in action! Learn more about the MAC Biology program along the way.

Presented in PH 103

Attendee Maximum: 20

A presentation split between Medical Imaging/Radiography and Ultrasonography. Learn more about the degree options available from the department. Focus will be on clinical site collaborations and internships, community service, and professional organizations with which students are involved. Current students will be demonstrating sonography and radiography simulations. Faculty will also discuss previous graduates’ accomplishments and plans for future growth of the department.

Presented in PH 226

Attendee Maximum: 20

Presentation will discuss the history of nursing at Mount Aloysius, notable alumni, partnerships with clinical agencies, and, of course, the simulation lab, where students will be presenting hands-on demonstrations.

Presented in PH220

Attendee Maximum: 20

Learn more about the past, present, and future of the psychology, community counseling master’s, and religious studies disciplines in terms of academic programming, completed research projects, professional activities, and more. Psychology faculty will discuss the varied nature of psychology. Religious Studies faculty will present on the importance of studying religion in general education.

Presented in AH111

Attendee Maximum: 35