Riverside Christian School & Community in Kentucky Need Our Help

  • Students stand on a roof watching the floodwaters
  • Flooding at a gas station
  • Mounties on dry land after being rescued from the flooding in Kentucky
  • Flooding of the Riverside Christian School
  • Floodwaters rise in Lost Creek

Recent flooding in eastern Kentucky has resulted in complete destruction throughout Lost Creek, Kentucky. One of our mission trip locations, the Riverside Christian School, is among those needing assistance.

Our Mountie volunteers have visited the Riverside School as a part of mission trips in the past, and on July 28, 2022, a group of nine Mount Aloysius students, employees, and alumni were there on a mission trip when floodwaters began to rise. The flash flood trapped them on the second floor of the school, and they were taken to dry land by boat.

Our Mounties are home safe but the Riverside Christian School community has been devastated, many losing all of their possessions. We are ready to help get them back on their feet!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 to support our hosts, the Riverside Christian School!

Your tax deductible gift to the Mount Aloysius College’s mission trips fund will go directly to support the Riverside Christian School and their community toward their recovery efforts.