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“We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.”

The words of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, have carved the path of Mount Aloysius since its founding in 1853. When the formal mission statement of the College was established in 1939, it called the Mount Aloysius community to “respond to individual and community needs with quality programs of education.”

For eight decades, that mission statement has not changed.

As part of this treasured and life-changing cause, we call on you to continue to give towards this important mission and support the needs of our students.

In honoring and acknowledging those who continue to give every year, we have established the Mount Aloysius Loyalty Society based on the five historic artifacts of the Mount Aloysius Academy. These artifacts are presented at Convocation and Commencement each year as a tribute to the incredible history of the Sisters of Mercy and their role in the legacy of the College.

The Loyalty Society recognizes donors for consecutive years of donations to the College. There are society levels for donors who are just starting (Class Picture Level) up to our most faithful donors (Ink Well Level). Membership is maintained as long as gifts are made every year (July 1 to June 30).

Learn more about the loyalty levels and donation details below.

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Class Picture Level – 3-9 years

This historic photograph of the first graduating class of the Mount Aloysius Academy honors the first twelve brave women who graduated in Cresson, Pennsylvania. Just like the first class, this is first level of loyal support for the College and its mission. This is a first step, but also a very important one for our College community.


College Seal Level – 10-14 years of giving

The College seal represents authenticity in terms of quality of education as well as established roots in our community. As you reach the College Seal Society, you are honored as an authentic and established “root of support” for Mount Aloysius. Your roots are intertwining with those of the College’s mission.


Silver Teapot Level – 15-19 years of giving

This silver teapot dates back to the founding of the junior college and represents the hospitality of the Sisters of Mercy, one of their four core values. As you reach this impressive milestone in consecutive annual giving, you are representing both the educational advancement of the College and the extended hand of hospitality that is so often associated with the Sisters of Mercy. You hold the door open for so many Mount Aloysius students who need support.


Book of Letters Level – 20-24 years

This collection of letters from Sister Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of the Mercy, is both powerful and inspirational. The very words that fill these pages have shaped the mission and vision of this community. Like these letters, your faithful giving to Mount Aloysius has pushed our mission through the good times and the hard times. You are a source of inspiration to our community.


Ink Well Level – 25+ years

When the Mount Aloysius Academy in Loretto burned down in 1904, it was a major setback to the efforts of the Sisters in this area.

But they persevered as a beacon of hope and started from the ground up in Cresson.

The ink well is our oldest artifact and the only artifact that survived that fire. It is a symbol of the triumphant will of the Sisters and their mission to serve the needs of the community.

Like the ink well, you are a symbol of hope and triumph to our Mount Aloysius community. Your decades of generosity have enhanced this College more than you could ever see or know. You have truly served the needs of our students and stand as a member of a society that, as Mother McAuley would say, is a lamp that lights the path for our community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Mount Aloysius Loyalty Society?

What is the Mount Aloysius Loyalty Society?

The Mount Aloysius Loyalty Society is a giving society that recognizes consistent annual support to the College.  Membership begins the fiscal year following one’s third consecutive annual gift and can be maintained with ongoing philanthropic support of Mount Aloysius College.  Mount Aloysius College recognizes members at five levels:

Ink Well                    25+ years of consecutive giving

Book of Letters         20 – 24 years of consecutive giving

Teapot                      15 – 19 years of consecutive giving

College Seal            10 – 14 years of consecutive giving

Class Picture           3 – 9 years of consecutive giving

What does annual gift mean?

What does annual gift mean?

An annual gift is a monetary donation to any fund at Mount Aloysius College in a single fiscal year.  Our fiscal year runs July 1 – June 30.


Gift made June 2018 = fiscal year ending 2018

Gift made December 2018 = fiscal year ending 2019

Gift made July 2019 = fiscal year ending 2020

Why does giving every year matter?

Why does giving every year matter?

Making a gift every year demonstrates your dedication to the mission of Mount Aloysius College that is to respond to individual and community needs by providing quality programs of education in the tradition of the religious Sisters of Mercy.  Each student is provided the opportunity to develop values, attitudes and competencies necessary for life-long learning.

Continuing support reaffirms our belief that Mount Aloysius College can achieve more through partnerships than it can alone.  Ongoing support is crucial to the overall development of the College and provides for necessary tuition assistance, new program opportunities, campus improvements, academic support services and other areas of need as they arise throughout the year.  No matter the size and to what area you donate, you are supporting the efforts of Mount Aloysius College and our mission.

How do I become a member of the Loyalty Society?

How do I become a member of the Loyalty Society?

Make a gift each fiscal year for at least three (3) consecutive years and you automatically become a member.

What happens if donor misses a year?

What happens if a donor misses a year?

Donors who miss a single fiscal year of giving will have a lapse in membership.  Reinstatement will occur after again making a gift for an additional three (3) consecutive fiscal years.  Members will be reinstated at the Class Picture level.

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