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Mt Aloysius Invites Public to Authentic Discourse Convocation Lecture

Posted on: August 31, 2017

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Photo of Dr. Michael Patrick Lynch Cresson, Pa.—Mount Aloysius College invites the public to the launch of the 2017-2018 Speaker Series featuring prominent philosopher, TED Talk lecturer, and author Michael Patrick Lynch, Ph.D. Dr. Lynch will set the foundation for the Mount Aloysius’ yearlong campus–wide theme of Authentic Discourse as he delivers the college’s Convocation Address which formally begins its academic year. The Mount Aloysius Convocation will take place Thursday, September 7th at 3:30 p.m. in the Athletic Convocation and Wellness Center.

Mount Aloysius President Tom Foley expressed the campus-wide excitement at hosting Dr. Michael Lynch for the day, and hearing his Convocation Address. “Dr. Michael Patrick Lynch is certainly one of the preeminent philosophers of our time,” said Foley. “An educator, writer and speaker, Michael Patrick Lynch has authored and edited several books, and essays. Over a million people have listened to his recent TED Talk and thousands have read his recent thought provoking writing in publications such as The Chronicle of Higher education, and The New York Times.

“Dr. Michael Lynch is the Principal Investigator for Humility & Conviction in Public Life, a $7 million project aimed at understanding and encouraging meaningful public discourse funded by the John Templeton Foundation and the University of Connecticut,” Foley added. “Lynch’s philosophic focus is Truth, Democracy, Public Discourse and the Ethics of Technology. Dr. Lynch’s work has been profiled in The New Yorker, The Washington Post and Wired among others.”

The Mount Aloysius 2017 Convocation Speaker serves as Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Humanities Institute at the University of Connecticut. Lynch is the recipient of the Medal for Research Excellence from the University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Lynch’s published books include; The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data (2016, A Liveright Book), True to Life: Why Truth Matters (2004, MIT Press), Truth As One and Many (2009, MIT Press), In Praise of Reason: Why Rationality Matters for Democracy (2012, MIT Press), Neither Slave Nor Master: A BIT of In Praise of Reason (2014, MIT Press).

A celebrated teacher, Lynch’s prestigious teaching awards include: the Cora L. Graham Outstanding Teacher of Freshmen Award, University of Mississippi; and the Griffin Award, Southern Society of Philosophy and Psychology.

He received the Outstanding Book of the Year in Philosophy for Truth in Context: An Essay on Pluralism and Objectivity. Lynch served as a visiting fellow at the Arché Centre for the Philosophy of Logic, Language, Metaphysics, and Mind at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and earned the Bogliasco fellowship, Liguria Study Center in Bogliasco, Italy.

An Illinois native, Dr. Lynch is married to Mary T. Berthelot. Dr. Michael Lynch earned his Bachelor of Arts in Education, summa cum laude, from SUNY—Albany, and both his Master of Arts and Doctorate from Syracuse University.

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