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Degree Details

Offered as: Bachelor


  • Environmental Science Specialization
  • Molecular Biotechnology Specialization
  • Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Specialization
  • Pre-Health Professional Specialization
  • Secondary Education Specialization


  • Forensic Investigation Concentration

Program Highlights

  • Growing job-market
  • Multitude of career paths
  • Research-based and hands-on learning
  • Minor Available

Why study Biology at Mount Aloysius?

With a Biology degree from Mount Aloysius College your career options are exciting, varied and compelling. You may want to teach, delve into research, study medicine, dentistry or other areas of the health sciences.

Your professors are scientists who take you from concept to application by being supportive and accessible. Biology students have opportunities to immerse themselves in research in the lab and in the field, participate in internships, and apply classroom concepts directly to the natural world.

Mount Aloysius College Biology students have many doors opened for them from teaching about changing ecosystems, to exploring the dynamics of a living cell, to applying medical care to patients in need. Mount Aloysius graduates are doing it all right now. Bring your passion.

What do biologists do?

Biologists are curious scientists who study life from the smallest bacterium, to large animals, to human beings. Biologists explore, often finding a passionate interest and then specializing. Biology students are encouraged to focus and learn, then apply their knowledge and interests to make a positive contribution to our world.  The professional possibilities are truly as varied as life on the Earth–research, teaching, medicine, oceanography, cellular biology and more.

Possible Careers

As a biology graduate, your potential career choices are endless and include:

  • Research
  • Medicine and Other Areas of Healthcare
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Education
  • Forensic Science

Are there job openings? How much will I make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the following employment growth from 2014-2024:

Physicians/Surgeon employment rate will grow by 14% with a median pay of $208,000.

Zoologists/Wildlife Biologists employment rate will grow by 4% with a median pay of $60,520.

Environmental Scientists employment rate will grow by 11% with a median pay of $68,910.

Biological Technicians employment rate will grow by 10% with a median pay of $42,520.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Recent Success Stories

Kris Hansen, ‘09, currently furthering his education at Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Patrick McKee, ‘11, is a Sustainability Manager and works as adjunct faculty at Eastern Kentucky University.

Who will teach me?

The department is comprised of full-time faculty who hold both doctoral or terminal degrees in their disciplines. Bringing their varied backgrounds into the classroom, students are provided with extensive knowledge of biology.



Poster for the Learning Center for Health Science & Technology

Dig Deeper

Undergraduate Research

Research enables you to learn hands-on skills, answer scientific questions, and fulfill the scientific method.

  • Do you want to identify diatoms in Abandoned Mine Drainage? We’ve got it!
  • Want to measure the bone size of dinosaur fossils? We’ve got it!
  • Want to understand the role of proteins in human placenta? We’ve got it!

Research is a rewarding part of your undergraduate degree.

Professional/Medical School

Mount Aloysius College Biology students may aspire to become a physician, surgeon or other medical professional–advancing their education by attending medical school or studying in another health-oriented graduate program. The Mount Aloysius Biology Department also prepares students for a variety of health professions including physician assistants, physical therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists and other professional occupations in healthcare. Students typically complete a four-year degree at Mount Aloysius College in Biology and then take the appropriate entrance exam (MCAT, GRE, etc) for their chosen field. A Mount Aloysius advisor assists students in the application process and helps them stay on track to reach their goals.

Mount Aloysius College has three articulation agreements with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) for Dental Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, and Pharmacy. Students may also have the opportunity to apply for the LECOM Early Acceptance Program. This enables them to apply to LECOM once they have been accepted at Mount Aloysius College and, if successful, gain a conditional early acceptance letter for their graduate studies.

Learn more about the cooperative programs by visiting the pages below.


Mountie Insight

"The faculty are really involved in your progress and development as a person, and not just as a biologist."

Zara Apakoh

Class of 2017

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Photo of Merrilee Anderson
Merrilee Anderson
Professor of Science and Mathematics/
Associate Academic Dean and Chairperson for Health Studies
Photo of Juan Diaz, Jr.
Juan Diaz, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
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J. Michael Engle
Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics
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Laura Michaels
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
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Sandra Nypaver
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
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Penny O’Connor
Associate Professor and Chair of Science and Mathematics
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John Whitlock
Associate Professor
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Crystal Goldyn
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics

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