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Environmental Health

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Degree Details

Offered as: Bachelor

Program Highlights

  • Local scientific research opportunities
  • Range of career options
  • Flexible Class Schedule
  • Preparation for post baccalaureate programs

Why major in Environmental Health at Mount Aloysius College?

Mount Aloysius is situated in a rural county with an abundance of natural resources. For example, the establishment of natural gas pipelines, wind turbines, and other commodities are common in the area. This provides an environment where students can use scientific strategies to manage, evaluate and identify factors that impact human health due to these additions.

Students will get real-world experience in the field and the classroom as they prepare for their careers in Environmental Health.

Mount Aloysius cares about students after graduation. A degree from Mount Aloysius in Environmental Health will allow students to explore their passion for helping their community and continuing to promote the mercy values that are engrained with a Mount Aloysius College Education.

What do Environmental Health grads do?

An Environmental Health Science degree is the first step towards a variety of gratifying jobs. They can range from teaching to fieldwork. The Environmental Health major at Mount Aloysius College prepares students to enter careers in biology or to pursue graduate or professional education with a foundation in the liberal arts. Those graduating from this program may work in the field, laboratories or in offices to use their knowledge of natural resources to protect human health and the environment. Their roles may include looking at ecological and global stressors or generating ways to lessen the harmful effects of industry.

Possible Careers

  • Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
  • Corporate Health and Safety Director
  • Food Safety Inspector
  • Health and Safety Engineer
  • Inspector

Possible Employers

  • OSHA
  • World Health Organization
  • Peace Corp
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Are their job openings? How much will I make?

Trend graph showing 11 percent increaseBetween 2016 and 2026, there will be a 11% increase in the need for Environmental Specialists and Scientists.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics


Who will teach me?

The Science department is comprised of full-time faculty who hold their doctorates or other advanced degrees in their disciplines.

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