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General Science

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Degree Details

Offered as: Bachelor

  • General Science
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Chiropractic
  • Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Pre-Medical Laboratory Scientist

Program Highlights

  • Multidimensional sphere of research and discovery
  • Growing job market
  • Variety of experiences available
  • Decades of experience within the faculty

Why Study General Science at Mount Aloysius College?

General Science studies will also bring students to an appreciation of the Scientific Method of inquiry and to distinguish between scientific law, theory and hypothesis. General Science studies foster the overall rounding of a person, and encourage a high level of sophistication when evaluating scientific information.

Graduates of this exciting program will be well-positioned to make informed decisions in areas of their personal and professional lives requiring deeper appreciation of the sciences. Their work in this growing career will encourage in-depth evaluation of scientific elements of issues and controversies of a rapidly developing world.

With this degree, the student has the option to choose several concentrations, such as Pre-PA, Pre-PT, Pre-OT, Pre-Chiropractic, General Science Secondary Education, and General Science.

What do scientists do?

Choosing a degree in General Science opens many doors and prepares scientifically curious students for a number of career paths. This program provides students with foundation in a variety of pre-health areas. General scientists can become teachers or work in labs, as well as any other career that requires knowledge of the many different branches of science.

Possible Careers

General Science graduates enjoy careers in many different sectors, including:

  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Dental Medicine professional
  • General Science Secondary Education

Are there job openings? How much will I make?

The General Science degree from Mount Aloysius College offers the student a wide variety of career options. The general sciences field is projected to grow by 7% in the next ten years.

The median annual wage for professionals with general science degrees was $61,450 in 2014.*

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Recent Success Stories

Brad Vogel, DPT, ’08, continued on to Chatham University, and is now employed at Senior Life Ebensburg, Pa.

Chelsea Trees, PA, continued her education at Chatham University, and is now working at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Nikita Jonas MOT, ’11, continued on to Boston University, and is now working at Goodfellow Occupational Therapy, Fresno, Ca.

Who will teach me?

Within the Science and Math Department at Mount Aloysius College, there are ten faculty members who all have their graduate degrees in appropriate fields, and nearly all of these faculty members have a PhD in their disciplines.

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Meet Our Department!

Photo of Merrilee Anderson
Merrilee Anderson
Professor of Science and Mathematics/
Associate Academic Dean and Chairperson for Health Studies
Photo of Juan Diaz, Jr.
Juan Diaz, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
Photo of J. Michael Engle
J. Michael Engle
Associate Professor of Science and Mathematics
Photo of Laura Michaels
Laura Michaels
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
Photo of Sandra Nypaver
Sandra Nypaver
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics
Photo of Penny O’Connor
Penny O’Connor
Associate Professor and Chair of Science and Mathematics
Photo of John Whitlock
John Whitlock
Assistant Professor of Science & Mathematics
Photo of AnaLu MacVean
AnaLu MacVean
Instructor of Science and Mathematics/Lab Manager
Photo of Crystal Goldyn
Crystal Goldyn
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics

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