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Liberal Arts

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Degree Details

Offered as: Associate

Optional Specializations
  • A.A. Humanities and Social Science Specialization
  • A.S. Health Studies and Science Specialization

Program Highlights

  • Well-Rounded Graduates
  • Art or Science degree programs

Why study Liberal Arts at Mount Aloysius College?

As a liberal arts college, Mount Aloysius emphasizes that our graduates are job-ready, technology-ready and community-ready. During your time studying liberal arts, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively, problem solve and expand your own knowledge.

If you are a transfer student and have 54-60 credits, you can earn your associate degree in less than one year. If you have 60 credits or more, all that is required is a one-credit online class to earn your associate degree from Mount Aloysius College.

This liberal arts degree can be used not only as a stepping stone for other degrees, but it can also be essential for upward movement in your current job. Mount Aloysius College’s liberal arts degree provides the perfect, flexible way to earn a degree in two years or less, with an Associate Degree in either Art or Science.

What do liberal arts majors do?

A liberal arts graduate has the power to write their own history. After graduating from Mount Aloysius College, you’ll have a plethora of career choices ahead! As this program has the option to pursue either an Associate Degree in Art or Science, it can benefit a variety of careers, as well as be the middle ground for a Bachelor’s degree. Mount Aloysius College offers their students a well-rounded program, which enables the graduate to be competitive in the ever-changing job market.

Possible Careers

The career choices are endless for Liberal Arts graduates. Some graduates have gone on to become:

  • Economists
  • Sociologists
  • Public Relations specialists
  • Human resource specialists
  • Writers
Dig Deeper

The Liberal Arts curriculum enriches a student’s education by providing them with a broad core knowledge in the humanities, behavioral/social sciences, and natural sciences.

Liberal Arts provides a broad academic experience with flexibility in designing your personalized degree programs. Our liberal arts graduates will be able to:

  • Speak and write effectively;
  • Understand yourself and those around you;
  • Think clearly and solve problems creatively;
  • Understand and appreciate the diverse nature of your world;
  • Integrate personal belief and culture as you work toward ethical decisions;
  • Learn and use more software;
  • Expand your world; and
  • Create a platform for learning.

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