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Undeclared & Exploratory

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Degree Details

Offered as: Bachelor

Program Highlights

  • Broad educational foundation
  • Further opportunity to explore career paths
  • A great starting point

Why choose to be Undeclared-Exploratory at Mount Aloysius College?

You don’t have to have it all figured out from the start of your college career!  In fact, some of the most successful students start by exploring various majors to ensure they make an informed decision about their career path. Here at Mount Aloysius, we realize there are endless career possibilities and sometimes students need more time to explore a range of studies before finding their fit. The Career Development office in the Center for Student Success offers many services that allow the student to explore interests, values, personality type, and work environments.  The Undeclared-Exploratory major is the perfect program to start with if you need a little more time to explore.

What do Undeclared-Exploratory majors do?

In this program, you will receive a broad educational foundation in the humanities, social science, math, modern languages, natural science and computer science courses. Taking these courses, talking with professors, and discovering your interests and overall goals will make it easier to choose a specific major. Many of these courses you have to take as part of general education requirements or electives anyway, so it’s a great way to get started on college credits while figuring out the subjects you enjoy the most.

What else should I keep in mind while being Undeclared-Exploratory?

Pursuing the Undeclared-Exploratory major the first year is a wonderful opportunity to become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals.  Think of it educating yourself about the many opportunities available and being open-minded about the future. It is a great option for those who have multiple interests, or need to figure out what exactly various career paths entail.

Do I have to take any additional classes while being Undeclared-Exploratory?

Students will need to enroll in Personal Strategic Planning,  a 1 credit class that incorporates career development, goal setting, learning styles, advising, and personal development into a college course. This course is taught by career counselors and academic advisors in the Center for Student Success to ensure your personal goals, academic goals, social goals, and career goals align. For more information on what to expect, please contact Kristy Magee, Director for Career Development and Program Coordinator for Undeclared-Exploratory Majors. 

How do I begin looking into what majors would suit my goals, interests and overall needs?

The Focus 2 Career Planning Assessment is an excellent tool for major exploration.

  • Create a new account at Focus 2 Student Login.
  • When creating a new account, the access code is mountie.
  • Please take all 5 career assessments: Personality, Work Interests, Leisure Activities, Values, and Skills.
  • This assessment will take you approximately 25-30 minutes total. Results are available immediately.
  • It is recommended that you set up an appointment with a career coach to discuss them in detail.

After you have a list of majors that match your interests, you can begin doing your research on career paths. There are multiple career resources for research at the Career Development Lib Guide.

What do I do when I’m ready to declare a major?

Contact Kristy Magee, Director for Career Development and Program Coordinator for Undeclared-Exploratory Majors to set up a time to discuss your career goals.  You can pick up a “Change of Major” form from the Registrar office when you are ready to declare a major.  It’s that simple.

What if I declare a major and I discover it is not the right fit?

You can always change your major again! Making informed and well researched decisions will help you to ensure you find a major that’s right for you, however, sometimes majors or programs just aren’t a perfect fit.  The Center for Student Success will be happy to assist you in coming up with alternative career plans.

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