To the Mount Aloysius College community,

In a time of tragedy, it is helpful to recall that which binds us together.

The Mount Aloysius Philosophy Statement encourages us to synthesize faith with learning, to develop competence with compassion, to put talents and gifts at the service of others, and to begin to assume leadership in the world community. It emphasizes values of justice, hospitality, mercy, and service.

Personally and on behalf of the College, racial prejudice, inequality or violence, in any form, has no place on campus, in our community, or in our nation. Each and every one of us is created equally in the divine image of God. Indeed, working to identify and dismantle racism is one of the Sisters of Mercy’s five critical concerns. The very values that this College was built upon – justice, mercy, service, hospitality – are the antithesis of racism.

So on my second day as President I ask myself, our leadership, and our entire community, how can we continue to lead in Justice? How can we change the world through Mercy? How do we cultivate a spirit of social and spiritual growth during our time together and beyond?

Last month, the President’s Advisory Board for Multicultural Affairs was formed to bolster a culture where everyone at Mount Aloysius is welcomed, respected, and valued. We have also announced our Campus Theme for 2020-21, “Leading Change.” I look forward to the work of these efforts in addressing vital concerns.

For those in our community who need support at this time, we are here to help. Please check your emails for support contact information. If you have ideas for the President’s Advisory Board for Multicultural Affairs, please reach out directly to

May the God of Justice and the God of Mercy call each of us to recognize the divine presence in everyone we meet. Let us pray for the courage to examine our hearts and to meaningfully live out our guiding values, promoting equality through education and continued discourse. By doing so, we can ensure that every member of our community knows they are welcome here and in our lives, leading to a world in which righteousness dwells.

Sincerely yours,

John McKeegan
President, Mount Aloysius College