Cresson, Pa. – Mount Aloysius College has announced three non-credit continuing education certificate programs to those in fields impacted by medical and recreational cannabis use, such as business, healthcare, and law. The certificates are in partnership with Green Flower, a national leader in cannabis education. The programs will be fully online and will launch in early July 2020.

Dr. Joseph Bobak, Department Chair of the Justice, Law, and Society Department at Mount Aloysius, says the programs have nothing to do with support of or objection to legalization, and they in no way involve handling the cannabis plant.

“What we have heard from our nurses, attorneys, law enforcement professionals, and counselors in the field is that they are dealing with cannabis-related situations in their professions more and more,” said Bobak. “We recognize that there is a major need for education in this quickly-evolving realm.”

The College will offer three separate non-credit certificates including Healthcare and Medicine; Law and Policy; and Business. Each certificate consists of three, 8-week courses. The certificates are 100% online and each can be completed in 24 weeks. The cost of each certificate is $2,950.

Dr. David Haschak, Dean of the School of Business, Arts, and Sciences at Mount Aloysius, says that laws across the country are evolving so quickly that it can be difficult for professionals to stay ahead of them.

“Our mission has always been to support community needs with quality programs of education, and that is the opportunity that we have found here,” said Haschak. “We have chosen Green Flower as an academic partner because they have assembled an extraordinary team of experts fully prepared to quickly deliver this specialized education to professionals across the country so that they may effectively and safely execute their responsibilities.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Mount Aloysius College and believe our partnership has incredible potential,” said Daniel Kalef, Vice-President of University Partnerships at Green Flower. “With such growth in this industry, shortfalls in an educated and prepared workforce are inevitable and the fact that the team at Mount Aloysius recognized this need and chose to partner with Green Flower in order to help better educate people is a testament to their foresight as well as their mission to respond to individual and community needs with quality programs.”

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