Cresson, Pa. — Mount Aloysius College Nursing Faculty Nicole Custer, Ph.D., and Heather Zonts, Ph.D., recently contributed to the “Academic Clinical Nurse Educator Review Book: The Official NLN Guide to the CNE®cl Exam.” Their contributions included content review as well as the creation of practice questions which are included in the manual.

“It was an exciting project,” said Dr. Zonts. “The experience will not only help other educators, it will help us with formation of future nursing education strategies at Mount Aloysius College.”

Dr. Custer also saw the benefit for the campus. “This guide is a great resource for our faculty to enhance student learning in the clinical setting,” she said.

The Academic Clinical Nurse Educator Certification Exam was created for academic clinical nurse educators to demonstrate expertise in this role. The academic clinical nurse educator facilitates the learning of nursing students throughout clinical components of an academic nursing program. This educator is guided in this role by faculty of the nursing program and is accountable to that nursing program for providing fair evaluations of learners’ performance in meeting expected learning outcomes. The academic clinical nurse educator may have a variety of titles depending on the classification used by the specific nursing education program (e.g., clinical faculty, part-time faulty, adjunct faculty, clinical instructor, or preceptor).

The guide, edited by Dr. Teresa Shellenbarger, was published in December 2019. To learn more about nursing at Mount Aloysius College, visit

CAPTION: (L-R) Dr. Nicole Custer and Dr. Heather Zonts stand with copies of “Academic Clinical Nurse Educator Review Book: The Official NLN Guide to the CNE®cl Exam.”