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Infectious Literature

Tara Allison ‘10 spends plenty of time reading children’s books with her daughter, who is almost three. This led her to make the somewhat spontaneous decision to write her own. “It was a fun thing to do for my daughter,” Tara said. It took her only an hour to actually write her first book, “Microbe Adventures: Rhinovirus,” and a few weeks to illustrate it. After researching self-publishing and finding a company that matched her [...]

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Support in Sonography

“Teaching is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs I’ve ever done.” Andrea Gutmann ‘09, ‘11 worked for five years as a sonographer in a clinic affiliate health care system, and in that time, she worked with Mount Aloysius sonography students in a clinical setting. It’s one of the reasons she returned to teaching. “Ultrasound has always been a love of mine, so teaching students throughout their academic careers and witnessing their journey [...]

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Analyzing the Animal Kingdom

Brenda McMahon ‘09, ‘11 has a unique position working at the University of Pittsburgh as a manager and sonographer.  Her furry, four-legged patients might look a little different than other ultrasonography professionals since she works in the Small Animal Ultrasonography Core. Her tasks vary just as much as her patients, making every day an exciting experience.  “Some days I am performing analysis, where I go through all the images for a study that I [...]

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Focusing on Veteran Patients

Dr. Julie Decker is teaching nurses how to provide compassionate care for veterans in a hospital setting. She co-authored a chapter in the book Veteran-centered Care in Education and Practice: An Essential Guide for Nursing Faculty, which focuses on educating nurses on understanding why and how veteran patients may need specialized care due to trauma, exposure, and other factors relating to their military service. The book has received two awards. The Sigma Theta Tau 2021 [...]

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It’s All About the Why

Noah Ports ‘22 has always been about the “why.” “I picked psychology because I’ve always had an interest in studying why we do what we do,” he said. “I remember early on in my science classes, I think in my elementary or early middle-school days, we had to find an article and write a summary about it. I remember I was always attracted to the articles studying behavior, sometimes in mice, other times in humans. [...]

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In the Service of Others

Bethany Wayman ‘22 has always wanted to help people in some way, and she originally pursued a pre-nursing degree at Mount Aloysius to serve those in healthcare. However, her plans changed after an Intro to Psychology course sparked an interest in the field, eventually leading her to change her major.  “I really enjoyed that class, and mental health has always been something I’ve advocated for, so it just made sense to me.” Bethany is now [...]

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Mass Transit Marketing

As the marketing manager for CamTran and the Johnstown Inclined Plane, Korrin Fisher ‘21 handles a wide variety of marketing efforts. From social media posts to video projects, she is the brains behind many of the CamTram advertising campaigns that are broadcast to the local community.  “I love the creative aspect of my job,” Korrin says. “I have the opportunity to brainstorm new ideas and create every aspect of them, like employee profile videos or [...]

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The Paralegal of Pittsburgh

Colleen Rodgers, a 2016 Pre-Law graduate of Mount Aloysius College, has spent the last five years working as a paralegal for a variety of law firms in western Pennsylvania. After graduation, she began her career as a criminal defense paralegal, working for three years in Butler before moving to Pittsburgh.  After working at different law firms following her graduation, Rodgers now works in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  “In 2019 I moved to a medical malpractice [...]

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Cooking Up Recipes for Catherine’s Cupboard

Justin Delasko, a registered dietitian, teaches a nutrition course on campus. After wanting to focus on bringing a new experience to one of the class’s lessons on food equity, he decided to partner the class up with Catherine’s Cupboard, Mount Aloysius College’s food pantry, to bring the the students an entirely new experience that not only benefits their knowledge, but also benefits the community at large.    “When I first started teaching this course, I [...]

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Project: Sustainable Feeding

Daniel Roberts, ‘19, has always been interested in the environment and animals. “The classes and professors I had during my first year at the Mount made me want to continue into the biology field.” He earned his bachelor’s in biology at the Mount and continued on to the University of Tasmania in Australia. Currently, Dan is working towards his Master’s in Marine and Antarctic Science with a specialization in aquaculture. “The program is one year [...]

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