Cooking Up Recipes for Catherine’s Cupboard

Justin Delasko, a registered dietitian, teaches a nutrition course on campus. After wanting to focus on bringing a new experience to one of the class’s lessons on food equity, he decided to partner the class up with Catherine’s Cupboard, Mount Aloysius College’s food pantry, to bring the the students an entirely new experience that not only benefits their knowledge, but also benefits the community at large.    “When I first started teaching this course, I [...]

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Project: Sustainable Feeding

Daniel Roberts, ‘19, has always been interested in the environment and animals. “The classes and professors I had during my first year at the Mount made me want to continue into the biology field.” He earned his bachelor’s in biology at the Mount and continued on to the University of Tasmania in Australia. Currently, Dan is working towards his Master’s in Marine and Antarctic Science with a specialization in aquaculture. “The program is one year [...]

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Donating Dentists

“As dental professionals, Katie and I know first-hand how important oral hygiene is. We knew that contacting our local homeless shelters would be a good way to reach people in need of oral care products.” Ally Bihary wanted to help the community. And, with her friend and fellow pre-dental student Katie Fasel, she did just that. Ally and Katie collected and assembled 152 oral hygiene kits with toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash in each. The [...]

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Seeing Her Career in 3D

Sarah Rimini knew that she was destined for a medical career, but she also knew that nursing wasn’t a good fit for her. That’s when she learned about medical imaging. “Radiography and Medical Imaging seemed very interesting and unique with lots of options and routes to grow into as my career developed,” Sarah said. A member of the Mount Aloysius Medical Imaging Class of 2005, Sarah is now the Director of the Radiology 3D Imaging [...]

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Word to the Wise

Kristy Daniel began her English career at Mount Aloysius during her undergraduate years, and she has not let graduate school stop her momentum!  Kristy’s love for English started in high school when she fell in love with words and the power they hold. This passion for English brought Kristy to the Mount, but not in the way she expected. Kristy is now pursuing a Master of Arts degree in English with a focus on Rhetoric [...]

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Go with the Flow

Cameron Cheers, ‘14, had always known that he wanted to help others.  Even though this aspiration could have led him down many career paths, his future was clear after his grandmother had a stroke and he watched her perform her physical therapy sessions. While still in high school, Cameron started working at Evolution, a physical therapy clinic, as a technician. He worked this job through college until he finally graduated with his Physical Therapist Assistant [...]

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A Mountie Family Legacy

Not many families can say that they have a legacy, especially a college legacy. For the Wright family, this legacy at Mount Aloysius College started back in 1987, when Cathy George Wright received her associate degree in business administration. Cathy received two more degrees from the Mount in ‘95 and ‘06 before both of her children made the decision to study at MAC when it was time for them to make college decisions. On top [...]

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Communication & Connection

After earning her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology, Lori Milcic discovered that counseling didn’t feel like quite the right career path. She began her work as a counselor at a school for the Deaf, and she learned American Sign Language on the job from the Deaf students and staff.  Even though she had learned other languages before ASL, she felt a deep connection to this unique form of communication and the Deaf community. Lori [...]

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Students Create Bat Boxes for Service Learning Project

As a part of their Biology II class, Mountie students traveled to Nathan’s Divide to install bat boxes. The class, taught by Dr. Crystal Goldyn, did research on how important bats are to local ecosystems, and learned how human actions can negatively affect the bat populations. They installed the bat boxes to assist with the conservation of bats and to provide them with a safe place to raise their young. Senior Devonna Weimer said that [...]

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Keeping History Alive

A Mount Aloysius College student is doing his part to help preserve and share local history. Alexander Minnick, a junior history/political science major from the St. Marys area, has spent the past four years volunteering at the Eldred WWII Museum. Built to memorialize a local munitions plant that produced high-explosives, thermite, and smoke grenades for the British troops, the museum houses many artifacts focusing on the American involvement leading up to and during the [...]

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