When Dr. Megan Chicoine, ‘15, was a student in the pre-chiropractic 3+1 program at Mount Aloysius, she participated in two service trips, one to Camden, New Jersey, and the other to Guyana, South America. Through these trips, her eyes were opened to the rest of the world, and she was able to help others. 

This desire to help people continued into her career, as she was recently hired as a chiropractor at North Carolina-based practice, ChiroCynergy. At this practice, Megan performs spinal manipulation therapy, soft tissue treatments, cold laser therapy, non-surgical decompression, and prenatal and pediatric care. 

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people,” Megan said. “And I saw chiropractic as a way to change people’s lives for the better without the use of surgery or drugs.”

Megan says her favorite part of working as a chiropractor is that it affords her the opportunity to help her patients feel better.

“My favorite phrases I’ve heard from patients so far have been ‘I didn’t know I could feel this great!,’ ‘I can finally participate in activities with my family,’ and ‘My outlook on life has changed!’”

Megan especially likes providing prenatal and pediatric care, because she says that prenatal chiropractic care helps both the mother and baby have a less stressful pregnancy. Pediatric chiropractic care can even help kids grow. 

“The first few years of a child’s life are the most important for forming neural pathways and overall growth,” said Megan. “The spinal cord and spine play the biggest part in this, but it is something that hardly gets treated or looked at unless there’s a major issue going on. Chiropractic is a gentle approach to helping kids get through the ‘bumps and bruises’ years, and can prevent bigger issues from occurring.”

For anyone considering a career in chiropractic, Megan has some advice. “Make sure you really pay attention in your anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and biochemistry  classes, everything becomes a lot more detailed in grad school!”

She says that her time at Mount Aloysius helped her learn to make connections and build lifetime friendships. 

“I’ve moved several times and you never know when an old connection might come in handy or when you can be of help to someone else! And more importantly, form lasting relationships.”