Hello fellow Mounties,

My name is Jacob Pasley and I am another proud Mount Aloysius Alumni.  I wanted to reach out to share my experiences and what I realized about the time I spent at Mount Aloysius College.

I earned my Bachelors of Science Degree in Medical Imaging and Radiography at Mount Aloysius College in December of 2018. I left college uncertain of where my degree would take me, what opportunities I would have, and what my life would look like even months from my time on campus. Although carrying this uncertainty, I remained a hopeful graduate working two jobs and trying to get started after leaving the college I called home for four years.

Now I am a CT Technologist. I went from a flex Radiologic Technologist position and worked my way to get a full-time position in the modality I love: Computed Tomography (CT). I feel blessed every day where I am, getting the opportunity to serve my community and help provide care to others.I work nights as the only CT technologist in the hospital during my shift. On a typical shift I see traumas, strokes, and a number of people ill and in severe pain. I often deal with patients where the ER is their only source of care. Even with the tremendous responsibility, I love the work I do and the people I serve and meet. One day it may be me on that CT table, and I carry my expectations of care into the very work I do for others with the scans I provide.

We will all remember 2020. Covid-19 has brought uncertainty and turmoil to all of our daily lives. We all have had to endure some measure of this novel coronavirus.

I never knew that the mercy values, what I learned at Mount Aloysius then, would hold me steady serving patients in the early outbreak of this disease. I never knew then these those four words would have an even bigger meaning now:





These core values would help me to push past the fear and uncertainty during the early outbreak of this disease in April. They would help me to look past myself and continue the work every medical professional and essential worker has had to do these last months.

As a student, you don’t necessarily realize all the impacts that your college education, classes, and culture can have on you. Going to Mount Aloysius College shaped me into the professional I am today. But mostly importantly, it armed with me something we all need during these uncertain times: hope.

When you leave Mount Aloysius, you get more than just a degree, you get a family and a new life perspective. You leave knowing that mercy, justice, hospitality, and service are more than just words, but truly a guide for life.

You will leave your time at college much like me, uncertain and beginning the work towards your professional goals. However, remember that your mercy values are there as a foundation to embolden you past life’s challenges, and yes even a pandemic, so that you may move forward and continue the fight for your fellow man. That you may continue the fight for mercy, justice, hospitality, and service even against the greatest of challenges.

Be safe. Be kind. Wear a mask.

Thank you.


Jacob Pasley B.S., R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT)