Not many families can say that they have a legacy, especially a college legacy. For the Wright family, this legacy at Mount Aloysius College started back in 1987, when Cathy George Wright received her associate degree in business administration. Cathy received two more degrees from the Mount in ‘95 and ‘06 before both of her children made the decision to study at MAC when it was time for them to make college decisions. On top of that, Cathy’s sister, Maria George Reighard, also graduated from the Mount in 1986 with a degree in data processing.

Julianna and Brady Wright continued the legacy at Mount Aloysius College. Brady graduated in 2016 and went on to LECOM for a doctorate of medicine in dentistry. Julianna,‘20, ‘21, graduated with her MBA in the Business Administration 4+1 program, cutting out a whole year to make it be a 3+1 instead. She now works as the Marketing Coordinator at ACRP in Johnstown.

“I loved carrying on the legacy that my family holds at the Mount. It meant even more to me that my mom’s first degree from the Mount was in Business, because it almost feels as if I finalized it by getting my MBA.”

Having the choice of where to go for college, but knowing her family’s legacy at the Mount, it was an easy decision of where to go for continuing her education. “I chose the MBA program, and business in general, because I believe there needs to be more women in business. It is a male-dominated field, and I think I could bring diverse opinions and ideas as a woman.”

Mount Aloysius College is a home for many people as it has grown families and memories for every person who has passed through the gates. Whether this be one year ago, or 34 years ago, Mount Aloysius is home to legacies and family traditions which have positively impacted the College community, as well as the Wright Family.